Draft Picks

I'm not a genious or anything therefor i was wondering, did we sign any of our draft picks from this year? I didn't hear about any of them signing? if not does that mean they won't be attending camp?

I know Orban is attending. The others I am not sure on. BUt I bet most are not. Most of the guys we got this year are next year type players. They have a year or more of eligibility left.

I would think the ones with eligibility left would attend if allowed by the NCAA or CIS rules. However, anyone who will be returning to college is obviously not allowed to sign a contract.

CIS rules allow players who have been drafted by the CFL
who still have university eligibility left to attend Training Camp.

N.C.A.A. schools don't allow them to attend.

ok thanks guys, gotcha

Keith Shologan is under contract to the San Diego Chargers, so he will not be attending TC.
I believe both St. Pierre and Stadnyk have college eligibility left and will go that route this year.
Orban will be here, but almost certainly is headed back to the UoR this year. Couldn't tell you about the other 2 guys....

Dont know about all of them. But I was at practice today. Zelenski practiced. Must have signed him. He was big for a db and looked good. Cant think of who else they drafted this year.

Bradshaw is the running back drafted last year. Looks big and fast. But he dropped 2 passes.

Bowman is BIG. He looked like a real good receiver. Liked Berman to. Know ET has talked about him and Marshall. Dont know where Marshall was. But Berman looks real fast and real good. It was only the 1st day. But I liked what I saw Jyles do. Man does he have a strong arm.

Going out of town for a week. If anyone goes to practice. Please tell us what is going on with the team.

Fill us in some more! Crandall was there as well right? how did he do? how about Orban?

If today is what is we are going to see. Crandall will be good. More than good.

Orban looked ok. Same for Durant. Same for Tate. Crandall and Jyles looked the best. Or thats just what I saw. Jyles is bigger than I thought.

Receivers are a combination. Some are big. Some are fast. Berman is very fast. Same for Dressler. Bagley is big. 6-3 or 6-4. He made 2 or 3 good catches. But he looks slow compared to those 2. But they make a lot of people look slow.

The rookie o linemen had trouble with the d lineman. That Curvey is quick for a big man. Didnt notice who else did what in that group.

Renauld Williams caught 2 interceptions. He is big and fast. Looks like he is going to be a good lb. About 50 of us were at practice. A lot of people talked about Williams. How good he looked.

I thought it was only rookie camp. Crandell was there?

We were surprised to. But they said all qbs can play in the rookie camp.

You need to have somebody to throw the ball....
Orban is the only rookie QB, so without the vets, it would be a looooong couple of days for Orban....

Hmm, makes sense I guess. This is getting to be too much, I need the season to start.