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This is a little premature since the draft hasn't finished yet. But so far I've seen two picks by the riders. One is a size and speed receiver in Dave McKoy. If he goes to training camp it looks like he could challenge French and Grant for a spot on the roster. The next pick was Yannick Carter. He was a linebacker but looks a little undersized to be a pro linebacker. I encourage everyone to look at the draft video and if you can, fast forward to around 55 minutes into the draft to the 20th pick. The video they show is him nailing a receiver, burning a guy on the O line to sack the QB dummy, and also him picking off the QB (which was supposedly an Argo QB). All of this video is from E camp. But I am still very impressed with him. He also led the CIS in sacks last year.

An undersized LB who led the CIS in sacks? Could be the next Duane Butler.......

Here we go:

2007 Round Pick Team Player Position School 2 9 Saskatchewan via HAM McKoy, Dave WR/RE Guelph 3 20 Saskatchewan Carter, Yannick LB/S Wilfrid Laurier 4 28 Saskatchewan Ackerman, Ryan OL/LO Regina 5 34 Saskatchewan via WPG via EDM Bradshaw, Reggie RB/D Montana 5 39 Saskatchewan via MTL Karhut, Ryan OL/LO Manitoba
I would have thought we needed a linebacker more than another receiver, but what the hey. I wouldn't exactly call him a speed guy judging by his 40 time, Rammer,(slightly faster than Fantuz, but likely can't beat either French or Grant in the 40) but if he can knock Cory Grant off the roster, great!

yannick is a little small, but at 6', not bad. He can easily put on 20-25 pounds if that is what the team asks of him, or he can even get lighter if they want him at safety/DB. I don't know how his speed is.

We likely need another runningback, having lost Hathaway, so Bradshaw will get a shot.

And 2 o-lineman--you can never draft to many of those. And a couple of Prairie programs to boot.

Overall, its wait and see, but I can't complain on a "needs" basis.
We'll see if Bauman becomes a star, or even Getzlaf, though and then we'll see if ET takes any flack for not "trading up".
Plus there were a number of players on Duane Forde's list of picks that we ignored to take McKoy.
Unfortunately, I don't follow the CIS closely enough to really comment on the potential of these players.

I was just reading what they said about Dave McKoy in his profile. It reads:

What makes this player stand out on the field?

“Physically dominant (size/speed)…tough…great hands and a great route runner…strong character.”

What will this player bring to Pro Football as a rookie?

“Very coachable…strong work ethic…played slot, wideout and special teams.”

So I was just relaying what I they were saying about him.

I don’t know much about the OL guys, but it doesn’t hurt to draft a few of those every year and seeing what works best.

Not sure about Bradshaw. If we can bring him in to training camp, it’ll be nice to have someone there to push DD and Bracey.

Sounds a lot like Fantuz!

Yea I cant wait to get more dirt on these guys from training camp... so anxious for season to start!

Riders steal CIS all-star ninth overall
Darrell Davis, The Leader-Post
Published: Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Saskatchewan Roughriders started late and apparently finished early, but they weren't done accumulating players when Wednesday's CFL draft was completed.

"There are still two guys I like who weren't drafted and we're hoping to get lucky with them,'' said assistant coach Alex Smith, who co-ordinates the Roughriders' draft.

"When the draft was over, Kent (Austin, Saskatchewan's head coach) and I listed some players in the order we wanted them. We'll see if we get them through waivers. That's how we got Neal Hughes (in 2004).''
Saskatchewan Roughriders general manager Eric Tillman after draft.View Larger Image View Larger Image
Saskatchewan Roughriders general manager Eric Tillman after draft.

The Roughriders drafted five players, starting with Guelph receiver David McKoy, who they chose with the opening pick of the second round, ninth overall. Roughriders head coach Kent Austin had been coveting McKoy since watching him at the CFL's evaluation camp last month, but didn't figure the CIS all-star would be available after the first round.

"This is close to the best-case scenario we could have gotten considering we didn't have a first-round draft choice,'' said Roughriders general manager Eric Tillman. "McKoy was the highest receiver we had on our board. We didn't think there would be any chance he would be there at nine.''

Former general manager Roy Shivers traded Saskatchewan's first-round pick to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats one year ago so the Roughriders could obtain quarterback Kerry Joseph in the Ottawa Renegades' dispersal draft.

The Roughriders also drafted Wilfrid Laurier linebacker Yannick Carter 20th overall, Regina offensive lineman Ryan Ackerman 28th overall, Montana running back Reggie Bradshaw 34th overall and Manitoba offensive lineman Ryan Karhut 39th overall, ending their participation in the fifth round of the six-round lottery. Smith said the Roughriders were initially expecting to draft Carter with their third-round pick.

"There is always more than one scenario that plays out in the draft,'' said Austin, who participated in his first draft as Saskatchewan's head coach.

Bradshaw is expected to complete his final year of college eligibility this upcoming season before joining the Roughriders, but Tillman wanted the tailback's CFL rights so badly he arranged a mid-draft trade with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

"I was trying like a madman to get Bradshaw,'' said Tillman. "I made five phone calls trying to get a trade made with Toronto, B.C., Montreal and Winnipeg. (Blue Bombers general manager Brendan Taman) was interested.''

Saskatchewan sent little-used offensive lineman Matt O'Meara to Winnipeg for the fifth-round choice. O'Meara was the third overall pick by Saskatchewan in the 2005 draft, but had never earned a starting role.

The Roughriders made another deal on draft day, trading their third-round pick in 2008 to the Edmonton Eskimos for the negotiation rights to quarterback Drew Tate, an undrafted Iowa product who recently signed a free-agent contract with the NFL's St. Louis Rams.

"This is a risk worth taking because Tate is an outstanding prospect,'' Tillman said. "He's 5-foot-11, and if he were two inches taller he would have been a third- or fourth-round NFL draft choice.''

After the eight CFL teams selected 47 players, starting with University of Regina receiver Chris Bauman being chosen first by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, the 853 draft-eligible players who weren't drafted become free agents who can be claimed through a CFL waiver process.

Among the players who might interest the Roughriders are Ottawa linebackers Cheeler Lindor and Joe Barnes, Western Ontario linebacker Tyler Cook or McMaster defensive lineman Jeff Robertshaw.

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Out of any of the off season moves by the riders, i must say that the one that excites me the most is aquiring the rights of former Iowa Hawkeye QB Drew Tate. I am a very big football fan, and i watch CFL, NFL, and NCAA every time it is on. And i must say, that during the Alamo bowl, this young QB impressed me very much, and i believe that he has a lot of potential. And, his size does not matter, take a look at Jeff Garcia. He had a very successful career in the CFL. And after looking at all of his accollades he received in college and high school, i think even more of him.

Glad to hear that, Gotts.
As I knew nothing about this Tate guy, I thought giving up a 3rd round draft pick for a guy who is actually under contract to another team seemed a little pricey.
I still think it's a little steep, but I hope we get the opportunity to bring the kid to camp this fall, and see what happens...

Just for comparison's sake, Tate is supposedly 5'11", compared to Garcia's 6'1", but that should still be within reasonable limits in the CFL.

Tate had almost a 2 to 1 ratio of TDs to interceptions in college which is actually very very good. I sure hope he comes north and plays here and that our often critical fans don't boo him back to Texas when he shows us that he is human and screws up once in a while...

Anyways, back to the draft...
I think Tillman has a different attitude towards Canadian talent than Shivers did who basically considered Canadians as backups in my opinion.
Drafts are pretty much a crap shoot at the best of times... we got very lucky last year with Fantuz (who everyone knew would be great) and Congi (sure hope he learned how to punt this past winter) and Clovis (what a pleasant surprise he was)

I think there is a good chance of at least 3 of this year's choices making the team sometime (if not this year) McCoy and Carter both seem like keepers from what I have read and both are character players as well. Tillman seems very high on Bradshaw and I think Tillman has an eye for young talent (as well as a fondness for veterans) I am surprised that Karhut did not go higher and I think he may be the steal of the crop...

Do any folks down in Regina who have seen the Rams play know anything about Ryan Ackerman?

Interesting that the top 3 Saskatchewan college guys were all drafted by Hamilton. Can you say the "Ronnie Lancaster factor". Anyone hear him speak at the UofS Dog's breakfast on Thursday? Heard Ronnie was impressive!

I doubt that geography had much to do with Hamilton's picks. Generally organizations draft the best available player at the time (in their opinion)...

Lancaster does have some good memories about Saskatchewan but he will never forget the fact that the fans in Regina booed him off the field his last game as a 'rider...

So what if other teams draft Saskatchewan born or trained football players? Good for them. Most young players consider themselves fortunate to get a chance to turn pro no matter who drafts them. Players SOMETIMES are more motivated when they get the chance to play for the team they rooted for as a child but they also like to play for someone who pays well and gives them a chance to be on a championship team. The 'riders do not have a long history of doing either.

And as one former 'rider and friend of mine told me before he bolted to BC the first chance he got... "you can only go drinking on Dewdney Avenue so often before that get old."

i was reading some info on this guy on his profile stating that he was full of speed and strength. first he only ran a 4.8 while other receivers that tried out were faster and his only 194.

also some one said hes just like Fantuz...i dont think so.hes not even up to their level yet and theres all this talk about this guy.

lets wait and see how he is when he gets out in the field. im sure he will be backing his bags back to where he came from.

Interesting that all 3 of your posts are bad mouthing this kid when he hasn't even had a chance to prove himself. I never said he was exactly like Fantuz either. I simply meant that some of the notes that scouts had on this kid sounded similar to characteristics that Fantuz possesses.

Fantuz fits under all the categories that are mentioned with McKoy:

Physically dominant - yes
Tough - yes
Great hands - yes
Great route runner - yes
Strong character - yes

Of course he isn't as good as Fantuz is now, but after he develops he should become a tough Canadian receiver for us. We'll have to see how he plays at camp before we really know what he will bring to the table and it may be a while before he comes in and plays a big role with us.

I have a feeling that McCoy is going to be a fine player. If he is coachable and a hard worker and his character is strong, he will most likely be a better pro than he was an amateur.
He is tough which is good because we need someone to tackle all those guys who snag Kerry's numerous interceptions.