Draft Pic....Taurean Allen

......Going over the profile of Allen ...i'm becoming more impressed with him everyday...He sounds like a young man who is headed for bigger things....As an ni defensive back in the draft, he's a rare commodity....Could he be someone of interest for us at pick six?????...Whether or not he's available at that point is a big question mark....but i believe he'll be high on our list... :thup:

Best DB in the draft.

I have alway's been impressed with Allen as well, but we all know that the rankings in the draft will change once again by the time draft day rolls around. I brought up Allen in another post and was knocked hardcore by alot of people stating such things as "A Canadian DB will never make starter and would be a waste of a pick" and so one. After reading LaPo's take on the draft it seems as though the BB'S will be leaning towards defensive depth and/or offensive line, but LaPo played the cards right by stating that they will take the best available player's on the board and that could be a WR .... alway's leaving us to wonder but i am confident the BB'S will make the right choice.

As for the top 10 draft candidates as of this point the only player i would rule out as a BB is Maver as we already have Renault and Serna PLUS CGY needs a K/P and i expect they will make the move to draft Maver.

Shomari Williams is ranked #1 at this point, he climbed up pretty fast and will be a great pick for whoever, at this point he and Maver will be gone by the time we pick. IF and a BIG IF Greenwood is available, that would and should be our choice, a no brainer, but again he'll most likely be picked by the time we pick as well.

If i were looking at defense i would keep my eye on the following and hope one is available --- Williams, Greenwood and Allen, i would also keep an eye on Eddie Steele a Manitoba boy ... tough choices here!!

If i were looking at offense i would keep an eye on Bender, Watkins and Eppele for Oline help, i am most impressed by Eppele, another BIG body (6-8,306) on the line would not hurt and as for reciever's Gore is the top rated reciever but i have been impressed with Turner, Watson and Foster as well but of course Foster fell below the top 15 pretty fast.

Other names to keep an eye on are LB Gesse and OL Deane.

Either way there is no shortage of prospects this season and this is indeed the deepest draft in ages and most teams should end up with a future starter or more and all teams WILL have tough choices to make!!

Hard to say which way they will go.

Lapo has said they need to address the NI depth and mentioned RB & LB, that is confirmed by a quick scan of the current roster, they are light in both those positions. K is also an area of need for depth, but I haven't heard Lapo mention it.

I think the Bombers will look to draft for RB or LB with their first round pick.

This is just my opinion but adding depth is not difficult. Hamilton picked up Mat Carter 1st rounder cut by the Lions, Montreal picked up Eric Lee cut by Edmonton and Mike Giffen cut by Hamilton.

The key to winning in the CFL is having a top notch NI Oline and this year is a good year for late pickers like Winnipeg to get going on that. It is rare that two linebackers and a kicker will find their way in the top five ranked guys. The Riders and Als are loaded at the position so it is unlikely they will go for Olinesmen. Guys like Bender and Watkins will eventually make their way to the CFL. You have to take chances that's how Montreal ended up with Josh Bourke, Perret and Woodruff. These guys were all passed over because of the NFL spectre and Junior status.

Fix the Oline Lapolice !

…WE STOLE… o lineman John Hashem…The stamps were pretty high on this guy and at 6’ 8" 320 …young and an ni, he should be an imposing figure this year…Good move already to shore up the offence… :wink:

Like I said, hard to know which way they will go.

Fix the oline ? What was wrong with it, other than being statistically rated along side of the 2 best in the league with the Als and Eskimos ?

They may pick another lineman, I wouldn't rule it out, but Morris, Bestard, Hashem & Armstorng are all signed, on top of the starters returning, there is enough competition at those positions already and may see 5 NI's starting.

Your set at Oline when you have 5 starting NI who have all star potential and 3 NI backups who can step in.

I don't know how you can assess an oline when the offense was hardly on the field the whole season, Winnipeg's offense was on the field a whole 108 minutes less than Montreal's that's almost two entire games over a season. Winnipeg was at or near the bottom, last seaon (this is subjective) I ranked them 6th. slightly better than the Leo's and quite a bit better than the Argos.

dont forget Luke Fritz Piggy... We could see him getting alot of playing time this year... Lapo seems to be high on him

However, I still wouldnt Mind taking John Bender... He is going to be a dominant gaurd in this league... He and LaBatte would be fantastic to have to protect Buck and open up huge holes for Freddy Reid

I agree... and Canadians are most likely to pan out on the O-line as well... Bombers should Draft an O-line IMO

Ifwe Land Bender or Watkins that would pretty much make the draft for me....

If your team does draft Bender, don't expect to see him in Blue for a while. He has a year of college left then he will most likely make the NFL.

I can see them taking a LB OL DL and if available HB, but i think we are okay at RB wouldn't you say with Reid, Bernard, Marc and Stephenson (a NI) with Reid and Bernard making the strating roster, Stephenson on ST and maybe some RB or even FB time, i could see them going for a LB or DB in the first round, LB is still pretty thin with the aging Charlton, who may have 1-2 years left at best, we still have Lobedahn at MLB, but may need some insurance there and is Labbe ready to step up? I think so but we will see!!

i think the bombers will take a linebacker or allen with the 6 pick. just dont see them taking an olineman unless that guy is gonna come play for them this year and i dont see that happening. Bombers will take the best available player and at 6 that will either be a lb like williams,gesse or greenwood or a dt like eddie steele or a db like taurean allen. i would suspect that these 5 guys are tops on the bombers wish list.

Presently having only 4 choices in the upcoming draft,I don't see the Bombers drafting Bender or Watkins-Juniors-, in the 1st round. The junior players such as Bender-OL-,Watkins-OL- and Bulcke-DL-will,most probably,be selected by teams such as the Argos and Lions-2nd or 3rd rounds- who have 9 draft choices.

When the Bombers select number 6, I foresee that the 4 following players will have been selected;they are:Shomari Williams-LB-,Joe Eppele-OT-,Cory Greenwood-LB- and Rob Maver-P/K. I also foresee that 1 of the following players will also have been selected; these 3 players are:Taurean Allen-CB/DB-,Joash Gesse-LB-and Shawn Gore-WR-. 1 of these players will have been selected by either BC or Saskatchewan.

If not drafted, I foresee the Bombers to select Joash Gesse-LB-; if already selected, I foresee the Bombers to select Joel Reinders-OL/OT-.Excluding Bender and Watkins, he is the 2nd rated OL. If he is not selected by the Bombers, either the Argos or the Lions will select him in the 2nd round.


....Pretty good assessment Richard....HOWEVER...there could be a monkey wrench thrown into the picking order IF...BIG IF, someone pulls off an eleventh hour trade....IF this occurs ....depending on who is slotted where....the priorities could change to meet the particular clubs needs....Certainly all teams in the draft always put forth the mantra....' we will pick the best player available'....In Calgarys case i don't think that rings true, as they're definitely in the market for a place kicker....Maver could fill the bill....IS he or would he be, at the time of the stamps pick, the BEST player available....I think the draft then becomes a 'need' to fill, rather than just the 'best player available'..In any case, this is a great draft and teams fortunate to hold a pick in the top eight should be very happy with their selections....Wish we had a few more...... argos are going to load-up... :roll:

And Lord knows they need to . . .

Certainly could but it is getting harder to make those trades with the SMS teams are looking for ways to control their payroll especially with their Non Imports so trading picks for vets is a net hit on your payroll. But the last two years we've seen Calgary move up and last year the Lions moved up to take the Jamal. The best at pulling these type of trades was Tillman, he found sneaky ways to pull high picks from teams... Hmm.. sneaky :expressionless:

I almost see BC taking Allen... they do have Davis Sanchez on the corner now and they will need a good canadian to be the back up...

I could also see the Argos taking either Williams or Greenwood to take over for Eiben...

There was a rumor the roughriders were going to take a LB with there second overall pick as well

Calgary will probably take Maver... also could take an O-line

If i were to take a Guess this is how the first round will go before WPg.

TO - Williams/Greenwood/Eppel
Roughriders - Williams/Greenwood
BC - Allen/Gore/Eppel
Roughriders - Steele/Mike M.
Calgary - Maver/Reinders

Lapo has talked about wanting to Draft a LB a number of different Times... but I hope they dont Draft Gesse in the first... since he was injured and did not participate he may fall to the fourth, the way Tahine Carter did last year.

I said I would be happy if we landed Bender or Watkins... I never said I thought we would draft them... Lapo has gone on record saying he wants somebody that can make a difference this season.... Which means He is definately not looking at Bender or Watkins

If Gore or Allen are available I can see us taking them as well... along with Eddie Steele, Joe Eppel, Joel Reinders... however, as much as I would love to land someone like Williams or Greenwood... I really, Really doubt they will fall to 6

I also dont think Eppel will fall to 6, but if he did, I think the bombers should take him

My absolute perfect Draft for the Bombers would be (not saying its going to happen)

1st - any of Eppel, Williams, Greenwood, Steele, Allen, Reinders, Even Maver or Gore
4th - 1 - Josh Gesse
4th - 2 - Kristian Matte

i think the bombers need to trade some guy to the argos or some team for a few more picks.. its a deep draft.. 4 picks is so little. stupid taman and stupid kelly.