Draft Order ?

Curious if anyone has the draft order for next year. I know there have been some trades.

Presently,the first 2 rounds are as follows:

Round 1 :
#1 Toronto
– Montreal. Pick forfeited,re OL Tyler Johnstone in 2018 Supplemental Draft.

2 Hamilton

3 Edmonton

4 Winnipeg via BC

5 Winnipeg

6 Saskatchewan

7 Ottawa

8 Calgary

Round 2:

9 Toronto

10 Hamilton via Montreal

11 Hamilton

12 Edmonton

13 Montreal via BC

14 Winnipeg

15 Saskatchewan

#16 Montreal via Ottawa
#17 Calgary

In these 2 rounds, Hamilton and Winnipeg have 3 picks each,Calgary,Edmonton,Montreal, Saskatchewan and Toronto have 2 picks each,Ottawa has 1 pick and BC has no pick.


Tillman played well his cards. He has 3 picks in the first 2 rounds this year unless a trade, while last year it was 4.

Didn’t know the Bombers had 3 picks in the 1st two rounds (again)

Two years back it was #1, #7, #15

Ekakitie turned into one of biggest #1 overall picks EVER, Geoff Gray spent a year kicking around NFL camps without much of a sniff and Q Spooner has had a couple substance-related problems and has yet to crack the main roster.

Given their mediocre (being kind) draft record I can’t imagine the Bombers picking two duds in the first round instead of the requisite one (1)

So I have to believe they’ll trade #4 or #5 for neg. list rights and/or a roster import WR or a practice roster import MLB who’s ready to rumble!!!

What did BC get in return for their two early-round picks?

To BC: Winnipeg’s 7th and 16th overall selections in 2018
To Winnipeg: BC’s 12th overall in 2018 and its ‘original’ first overall selection in 2019

Seems kind of pointless. No wonder I made no mental note of that transaction.

(Not that my mental notes can always be retrieved even when I do make them.)

While not official, wikipedia has it pretty accurate: