Draft Loophole?

I noticed that Montreal now has Kyle Graves listed as their third-string quarterback, even though he was recently signed as a receiver. It got me thinking - could teams intentionally switch players' positions so that it's harder for Ottawa to select them? If Sinopoli is listed as a QB, it would be near impossible for him to be selected in the expansion draft.

Does not matter. You can only sign one QB and Cohon at his discretion can make changes to the teams list if he feels they are trying to cheat the system. The “Referee” in terms of the CFL expansion rules is Mark Cohon.

The only loophole IMO is free agency but even that is limited as teams can only have x amount of guys under contract and they can’t release players without exposing them to being picked up by other teams. So the room to cheat is fairly minimal but it is there.