Draft Grades. Who won the draft?

2 Westerman, Jabar DL Eastern Michigan
7 Fabien, Kirby OL Calgary
22 Norman, Matthew OL Western
37 Verdone, Jordan LB Calgary

Three ready to play Top 10 lineman.

5 Pall, Ameet DL Wofford College
15 MacDougall, Keenan DB Saskatchewan
19 Peach, Billy OL Jacksonville University
27 Erdos, Bradley OL Simon Fraser
30 Berger, Adam DB Simon Fraser
31 Filer, Mike OL Mount Allison
43 Spence, Jordan DL Eastern Oregon University
45 Desouza, Wilkerson LB Toronto

A top defensive line prospect, a tall and athletic DB, and multiple OL prospects.

4 Pasztor, Austin OL Virginia
6 Chambers, Shamawd WR Wilfrid Laurier
14 Capicciotti, Justin DL Simon Fraser
36 Hazime, Hasan DE Akron
38 King, Ryan LB Saint Mary's

Strongest list, but two are NFL bound.

8 Stephen, Courtney DB Northern Illinois
10 Plesius, Frédéric LB Laval
13 Rockhill, Carson OL Calgary
17 Gascon-Nadon, Arnaud DL Laval
20 Atkinson, Michael DL Boise State
25 Charbonneau-Campeau, Simon WR Sherbrooke
33 Palmer, Daronn SB Simon Fraser

Courtney and Plesius are strong picks. SCC is a steal at #25.

11 Lavoie, Patrick RB Laval
18 Adebayo, Bo DL Western Kentucky
26 Milton, Lance DB UBC
34 Roy, Bryn LB Texas A&M Commerce
42 Parker, Keynan DB Oregon State s
44 White, Ryan OL Bishop's

Adebayo may be MTL's best pick. With only a handful of RB's drafted this year, #11 may have been too high for Lavoie.

1 Heenan, Ben OL Saskatchewan
12 Hurl, Samuel LB Calgary
35 Régimbald-Gagné, Kevin LB Sherbrooke
39 Bamba, Ismaël WR Sherbrooke

Heenan a safe choice at #1. Hurl and Gagne add depth to ST. Bamba a steal at #39.

9 Laing, Cleyon DE Iowa State
24 Tonye-Tonye, Herve LB Northern Colorado
28 Hurst, Quincy WR Manitoba
32 Willson, Luke TE Rice
40 Crawford, Aaron LB Saint Mary's
41 Pierre, Shea DB Windsor

Some odd picks here. Some of these players my never play in the CFL.

3 Pencer, Tyson OL Washington State W
16 Aprile, Johnny WR Queen's
21 Bilukidi, Christo DE Georgia State
23 Stephan, Rene LB Harding
29 Thomas, Jake DL Acadia

Pencer is beast. Aprile has great potential. Bilukidi may not be available this year, but he will most likely play CFL ball at some point.

You've scouted all of these guys of course.

Ohhhh snap! :lol:

In any case, talking about who won a draft hours after it happened is moronic in all possible worlds. You judge a draft class years later, not later that day.

Just search 2012 NFL draft grades. There are plenty of articles regarding how "well" a team drafted. Don't be a hater.

Well I enjoyed Roger's thoughts at any rate. I don't follow the players as much so it helps me reading what people think who are more in the know.

Duane Forde has a complete player ranking list:


Great read Roger, don't cAre what anybody says I like looking at draft grades

How can you possibly give Toronto a D grade?

Their first selection will be playing NCAA ball and contribute zero this year. Cleyon Laing? Sounds a lot like “Cleo Lemon”.

Their second selection will also be playing NCAA ball and once again contribute zero this year.

Their fourth selection - - you guessed it, will be playing NCAA ball and contribute four-fifths of FA this year. Not to mention he’s also been signed already by the Blue Jays to play baseball. Maybe Barker will consider drafting Jose Bautista next year.

So the draft picks that have a chance to do anything this year are a 4th round pick and a 6th round pick. Way to stockpile the talent Barker!

This draft for Toronto is an F-minus at best. Just waiting for the Argo apologists to start whining about how this is “being negative” because for all we know all these guys could turn out to have Hall of Fame careers.

While I certainly agree it's nearly impossible to know who won the draft (check back in 3-5 years), I don't have a problem with people giving imput.

In any case, I found this to be a very perplexing draft. After Ben Heenan, it got really interesting and I predict that down the road some teams will look like geniuses because there were ALOT of guys who's stock magically dropped during the draft for whatever reason.

I was surprised that Edmonton took Pasztor at number 4, but they ended up getting Chambers anyways and IMO he's a guy they couldn't afford to miss on.

Agreed. The Eskimos made a trade and still landed both guys they wanted.
The Ticats also got the steals of the draft getting the most athletic DB in all the draft (provided he is healthy). To get Plesius to boot in the second round...Wow! :o

One good measure of who "lost" in the draft could be fans who were forced to view a draft in the middle of the day on a Thursday. Could they not have held it on the weekend or at least in the evening on a weeknight?

Some teams draft strategies are very different this year because of Ottawa’s likely entry into the league next year. Teams will only be able to protect 7 Canadians so development window is drastically altered. Some teams drafted based on need others on best available player. As for Duane Forde’s rankings they don’t mean all that much to me. Its great that he’s been promoting young Canadian players, really great but he is a school teacher with a hobby.

WPG GRADE: B+ 3 Pencer, Tyson OL Washington State W 16 Aprile, Johnny WR Queen's 21 Bilukidi, Christo DE Georgia State 23 Stephan, Rene LB Harding 29 Thomas, Jake DL Acadia

Pencer is beast. Aprile has great potential. Bilukidi may not be available this year, but he will most likely play CFL ball at some point.

To be fair, you should include Poblah in that list too. I'd say that could be an A as a result.

Maybe so. But as a former CFL player, now broadcaster of both the CFL and university ball, makes for an interesting read.

It is great visibility for the young men. He has a lot of merit for his efforts but the ability to rank guys playing all over North America from JCFL, CIS, NCAA divisions and junior colleges some who don't get their NI status till days before the draft is an impossible task. It isn't a knock, just reality and it is complicated by some information passed on with utlerior motives. GM is not going to broadcast their evaluation of a guy they are interested in...

I am a big fan of this list. If Pencer starts this year, then WPG gets a solid A. From what I have read, it looks like Pencer may need a year of seasoning. I wanted my Riders to take Aprile at #12.


true. At the end of the day, good to read someone's take on perspective draft eligible canadian players.

Actually , it is quite common to draft players who will not be playing the year that they are drafted.
It is about owning their rights to be able to sign them first , down the road.

NHL teams do that all of the time. It is called building for the future.

As an ARGO fan I am very happy with who we have now.