Draft Day

7pm EST on TSN this year.
I know that there was a lot of talk about TSN not progressing enough extra shows for the league, and that this was one thing in particular people hoped would happen. I know I and others felt this would come while others had their doubts....I know it goes head to head with a big NHL game but IMO this is will be a big gauge to future growth of programming of this nature. If the ratings are not there I tend to think concerns that off-season action wouldn't have a chance against NHL playoffs will hold true...If you have time, tune in. If you are not watching anything, maybe leave the TV on TSN peeps.

Cool - the TSN coverage from various bunkers, utilizing facebook technology should be riveting (for the first round or two anyways)

As for the NHL game - the only thing riveting about these games is the over-time periods - of which there are many!

Last nite's Pitt vs. Wash game was an anomaly as Marc Andre Fivehole finally gave out (after two and a half rounds of super goaling)_. . . . . I'd say Washington will finally take out the Penguins after encountering early resistance . . . . . Sid has to be playing with trepidation and he's the guy who can pierce twine when others morph into pad-thumpers.

Holtby is just better than Fleury in the long-run. Unless Fleury can hold the Caps to 2 or less goals next game (or 2) the Caps should advance!

To diverge - the Winnipeg Jets have to be the happiest team in hockey NOT having to play these playoffs. Jets lack grit - nobody like Getzlaff, Rakell, Cory Perry, McDavid, Crosby, Karlson, etc. Guys who can break thru walls to get Ws. Even Edmonton has Lucic (which btw is about one Lucic short of beating the Duckies)

......I hope people tune in the draft...We need any type of exposure we can get and the draft is a biggie that should be attracting interest....These players selected can be the future of the league and it should be priority viewing...Going up against the NHL is a challenge but it shouldn't be a huge concern''' In my case I tuned out after the Jets were shot down and shut out of the playoffs once again ..being the homer that I am :stuck_out_tongue: .......AND by the way Lyle...the Jets not only need a big hitter up front...they also need a goaltender :wink:

If Bombers fumble the ball I suspect Edmonton will nab Mr. Vandervoort at #5

Make some good picks!

The only thing that looks to be getting a workout in the bombers bunker is Wad Miller's dinner jacket!

Did Big Chris just call riderfans the most intelligent fans in the CFL? I guess he wasn't referring to the web site cuz that would be a big joke!

Corky takes the late add Cam Judge, the UCLA linebacker who runs a 4.5 40.

Too bad Papa - BC brings Vandervoort aboard at #3 pick.

Makes Duane Forde look like an a s s - Forde didn’t even have Danny V in his Top 10. :cowboy:

If the Winnipeg bunker has been supplied enough booze they could really go off the board at #6 - draft Big Geoff Gray - hope his U of M technical skills are as sloppy as I've said.

With Gray - no transportation costs = the guy is from Winnipeg! Big factor for a cheap organization like the Bombers!

I suspect Edmonton will snap up Nate Behar (WR) to take over from the concussion related retired Nate Cohorne!

Bombers will draft another meatball - The Curse of Tyson Pencer continues!

5 guys in - and not a one offensive lineman in CFL draft . . .

WOW :cowboy:

Area of greatest need for bombers was Canadian WR - stunned this is first year in many that WRs were selected at #3 & #5

Lots of pressure on Matt Coates (sadly the best cdn WR bombers have in camp) and Addison Richards - a nearly broken and soon to be discarded project!

Just about puked when I saw Faith Ekakitie had only half a sack in 31 career NCAA games. That's really paltry/poverty levels.

As usual he sounds like he may have never attended an actual class!

Kinda ridiculous if you ask me for Bombers to trade their 6 pick for 8th and 34th (mid 4th rounder)

Shows they had their heart set on either Vandervoort or Behar but had their hearts broken - now running from the draft!

OK - maybe they'll pick Geoff Gray @ #34 :cowboy:

What kind of film are the bombers looking at?


5 out of 7 picks are defensive players , 4 D line, amazed at no O line picked ?

Kyle Walters seems disconnected from the rest of his bunker buddies. Takes a flyer on Geoff Gray at #8 . . . . . prolly a direct order from Wadzilla Miller, team presidente and CEO

Facts are facts. You don't even go to games............lol........what a joke

Have any of Dwaino's Top 10 been picked 13 players in?


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