Draft Day

Rod Black.....Noooooooooo

Couldn't they find anyone better to host the draft tonight? I guess all them dirty pics he has is giving him more hours to work on t.v.!

So the Bombers select a guy who has never played Canadian Football before, but has never played outside of Canada. Only in Canada could this occur.

Why did Cohon announce the first selection, but now Rod Black is doing them... Is Cohon that busy that he can't stick around

Yeah why don't we also see some of the players being drafted on t.v for a interview?

They did in previous years... This whole presentation is bush league

Oh yeah! What about videos they show of the players the only thing they are showing is from the evaluation camp held at the u of t with crap highlights from the players with some of them dropping passes. Why not show some game footage of the players?

Can't belive this my cable provider is not a TSN go provider so I don't get to watch the draft. Incredible...I pay for TSN and extra for RDS and I get this...Telling me to go and negotiate a deal for them with my provider. skrew you TSN.

CFL and TSN dropped the ball completely this year. With Randorf off at the worlds it's left to Rob Black to host and he was his usual self, god awful. Cohon, who usually announces all the first round moves, took off after the first pick was made. Was he in a snit because he was asked about the CBA? Did he have to run off to fine himself for talking about it? Now this BS with TSN and freezing out non bell or Rogers subscribers. They could easily turn off the regional or national locks on their video but chose not to do it. Absolutely brutal.

Calgary owned this draft. Incredible.

You subscribe to TSN and yet the Draft was not broadcast by your provider?

We subscribe to TSN through Rogers cable and were still able to get the Draft feed without issues.
Yes, I said Rogers cable. :o

I am with Eastlink. Saw the first round its TSN GO that I’m not allowed to view :thdn:
Anyway following the cfl.ca draft tracker… considering the quality of the broadcast. I’ll survive.

tsn removed the authentication for the draft stream, should be able to watch live on any provider now

Thanks :thup:

Im watching now.... but it is the fifth round.... I tryed to watch earlier but couldn't get on. Ive lost alot of repect for TSN today..... SCREW TSN!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Yes I found that strange.
Why did TSN only carry one hour?
Oh I forgot, the highly touted ESPN taped nonsense, what's up with that?

In the past the draft was late morning/early afternoon depending on where you lived. Moving it into a more prime time hour competing with a couple of game 7's in the NHL had a lot to do with limiting how much they covered this year. However you'd think with the more prime hour they would've been more prepared and done a much more professional job. Instead it looked thrown together at the last minute.

Well I'm sure Cohon getting his panties wadded up in his butt crack threw a curve ball into the telecast... Rowdy Rod is off and Farhan is now doing the webcast.... It seems much more professional now

So this is the 19th post of the thread titled "Draft Day", and not a single player was ever mentioned, and the only bit of analysis on the actual draft was done by HfxTC stating "Calgary owned this draft. Incredible."

Well done guys.

Check the ratings for CIS. Check the Canadian ratings for NCAA. Very few of these players are known well to even hardcore CFL fans To be honest I can look at a CFL roster at the beginning of a season and be lucky to have even heard of half of the starters and I watch almost every game… Since the SMS has come in, the turnover rate on rosters makes players unidentifable.