6 picks today, maybe more or less depending on any moves Mack might make. Seems as though the expectation is that they pick up DT Jabari Westerman at #8 if he's still there. This might've been a lock a couple of weeks ago but with other highly rated players such as Chambers and other DLinemen (Bilukidi, Crawford, Adebayo) getting NFL shots, he may go sooner now. Do they go off the rankings with a surprise pick as they did last year with Muamba and Etienne? A flyer on a player that is going to an NFL camp? Who do you think they go for with their 2nd pick later in round 2? I'm still thinking they take Brett Cameron with one of their later round picks. He has heritage with the team, they are obviously not enamoured with Renaud considering they shelved him in favour of Boreham the latter part of the year and playoffs, and he becomes a somewhat of a futures pick as he still has college eligibility with UND. My guess is they go mostly defense and their draft ends up looking something like 2 DL, either 1 OL or 1 WR, 1 DB, 1 LB, and Cameron. Anyone hoping to see the bombers get anyone in particular? thoughts? Just a few more hours to go!

...I'm going to take a wild guess and say we are going after Westerman and want to make sure he's there with the trade for our 8 and 13th....Some say a steep price to pay but the word is that B.C. is eyeing Westerman, so we'll head ol Wally off at the pass...We get Hams. 3rd. in exchange...Mr. Mack is a slick operator and this should work out well....Cameron should be picked by us in the latter rounds IF available..otherwise :roll: :roll: :roll: Mack will surprise :wink:

Interesting trade indeed for the Cats first pic, 3rd overall. You may be right Papa about them making sure they get Westerman. The other guy they may go for is Adebayo, even though he has an NFL tryout with the Lions. Mack has said in the past that he isn't worried about players and the NFL, just that it requires doing extra due diligence in examining what shot that player has to stick. Looking at the Lions depth at Dline he may feel Adebayo may be a longshot to stick and may be willing to wait for him. Mack also has a lot of NFL contacts so he can get the inside skinny on what teams are thinking about players behind the scenes. Also reading that Plesius might be the apple of their eye at the 3rd pick. Another NI LB to go with Muamba and Labbe. We shall find out soon...

well, after the trade and suspicion of picking westerman, then BC leapfrogging them, Blue go off the board with Tyson Pencer. Surprising in that the team already has a big group of NI OL on the roster. Big boy.

////I'm happy with Pencer although i believe we were after Westerman....With the loss of LaBatte we needed a canuck o lineman and i believe we have one :thup: Big Boy for sure and he is very athletic....Now who do we take at 16 :roll:

I saw a tweet by Penton (I think) that Pencer could become a ratio buster at tackle.

.....Johnny Aprile :thup: :thup: :thup: I like this kid...I was hoping we'd go with him....Sleeper of the bunch guys and is going to surprise A LOT of people....As for Brent Cameron.......Maybe a free agent signing :roll:

Pence and Aprile are building blocks for where it seems the future NI ratio will be deployed. I think that with the projection of Pence as being capable of playing LT they could eventually get to 5 NI on the line. With Watson and Poblah signing extensions earlier, Aprile gives em some depth and insurance with Etienne at the NI R spot, maybe even allow them to use 3 NI recievers a year or 2 from now. There will probably be 2-3 year wait on Bilukidi. Stephan and Thomas are depth for the ST, at least for the short term. Stephan may also add a bit of depth behind Muamba and Labbe. Pence was a surprise and maybe a reach and probably could've been had at #8 without giving up an extra 2nd rounder, but if he can become a starter at LT for 5-10 years it will be a good draft. If Bilukidi ever makes it up here this could turn out to be an excellent draft.

The TSN draft panel’s comments from when the Bombers picked Pencer:

Most upside of all o-linemen. Potential to start at tackle. I like that.

Looks like Wally got the last laugh :slight_smile:

I like our picks, they said they targeted 3 players and got 1 of them, can't ask for much more than that.

...Looks like Wally had to pay a lot to get him....BUT at least Wally had the cojones to make a solid move UNLIKE some eastern teams from big centres who did diddly :lol:

Some teams didn't lose their best two non imports in the off season :slight_smile:
Some teams have an All Canadian Oline :slight_smile:
Some teams have the best scouting department in the league where 100 percent of their NI starters have been drafted by the org :slight_smile:

...Some teams have ni people who retire and some teams have players who want to go home :wink:
...Some teams have the potential to start an all Canadian o line just around the cornor because they have a good organization drafting well :slight_smile:
..Some teams have good gms that are getting complacent and have fans wondering what have you done for me lately :wink:

Bombers have obtained the rights to Rob Jubenville (DL, Saint Mary's) and Jean-Sebastien Laberge (DL, Sherbrooke) in the post-draft draft.

Any idea if there is a complete list around ?

Penton of the Sun tweeted that. Don't know about other teams - sorry.


Not sure if anyone else caught this Bob Irving's article http://cfl.ca/article/irving-dream-come-true-for-pencer

Johnny Aprile from Queen’s was taken with the 16th overall pick. Aprile is a receiver who made a real impact as a kick returner with the Gaels. The Bombers also see him as a potential safety.