Draft Day ,,MAY 6

...So who in the final analysis should the Bombers go with on Mon. for our first round pick....Seems to be a deal going on with the cats for the top-spot..IF that were to transpire, I'd like to see us take Gaydosh ,if we're successful in making the deal..Of course Hamilton could select him as no. 1 right off the bat and they're flying Edem and Gaydosh in for a talk beforehand..IF we make a play for him, I wouldn't go overboard because no. 2 will also be a quality player...I'd say we switch spots with the cats and offer them an import..Looks like they're leaning towards a db. and we're pretty healthy in that position...Just who is another matter...Suber and a latter round pick in 2014 might get it done...Esks. are trying to make a play for Gaydosh as well and our offering ni Laurent..He has nfl aspirations so I doubt very much Austin/Tilman will bite on that one...Should get interesting Mon...As for our choice at 2, if nothing goes down with the hammer, I'd say we're most likely going with Sewell orrrrr maybe Edem...Second round could see us go with D' Aguilar an intelligent talented player..Seems there's quite a drop-off in talent after the first two rounds so I know we'll pic wisely...Looking forward to draft day to add another valuable ni to our roster for the future.. :thup:

I can totally get behind Gaydosh as our #1 pick. That hasn't changed in a long time. What has changed is the certainty of some players showing up and the interest being shown by more than one team for Gaydosh.
Either way the Bombers will likely get a quality pick. The countdown for the 1st pick announcement (by whomever) can't come soon enough.

.....Unless ham. gets something very palatable for their first pic., I doubt they'll trade it. Then the question is do they go with Edem or Gaydosh... knowing that Gaydosh is a flight risk (see Rottier)...Same goes for us as well although Man. is a heck of a lot closer to Alta. than Ont.... So if Gaydosh is available at 2, he's a Bomber..Lots of scenarios to play out here ...If Austin and company make a deal with edm. for Laurent, without an extension signed, they're out to lunch.. Don't see that happening..Never know though with Tilman in an advisory capacity. :lol:.We'll have our answers soon .. :wink:

I think Hamilton takes Gaydosh. I don't think they entertain taking Edem, looking at how they will be using their NIs. Now, they've also signed quite a couple NI's in FA (shomari williams, brian bulcke), so I wouldnt' be surprised if they maybe took a flyer still on Sewell or traded out of that spot and still took sewell or another one of the guys who's on a NFL tryout deal. They now have some NI depth on the Dline and a few good NI receivers, I think NI Oline depth is one of their weak spots.

If they aren't entertaining the idea of choosing Edem then why would they have flown him to Hamilton a couple days ago to talk to him.

While they said they flew Edem and Gaydosh, Keep in mind that they could also have interviewed Sewell,Aguillar and Charles. All 3 reside locally. We don't know how many they had extra time with.

True but Austin told the media about Edem and Gaydosh. If they had talked to the others recently he likely would have mentioned it. BTW, it’s D’Aguilar.

Maybe they will draft Edem, who knows. Could also be a smokescreen as they also brought in Gaydosh. No sense in making it obvious who you're drafting if you could potentially trade out of the spot. According to the scratching post, even though Frederick Plesius has a couple FA tryouts with NFL clubs, chances are good he's going to be in TiCats camp this year. Bulcke was a good addition to the Dline. Considering the Riders let Shomari Williams walk pretty easily and how he has failed to make a consistent impact, who knows how much of an impact he'll make. It makes sense to me for them to focus on Oline, simply because of depth there, or Dline rather. It made less sense to add another high round NI LB draftee to a roster where all 3 LB starters are imports. Basically you'd have both Plesius and Edem sitting around as special teamers. I guess the one thing I didn't consider was that Edem can play some safety, which from that standpoint would make him a good addition there. Or they could eventually make one of the LB starts a NI position with one guy backing up the other. Seems like they've basically drafted with the intent on starting a canadian corner and have added depth there, especially if they add last years pick Courtney Stephen at some point. Not sure if adding Edem would signal a change to the LB spot or just another option at safety.

...We sure loaded up at receiver....DiCroce was a surprise and a very pleasant one..Might be the best receiver picked according to the tsn panel...We'll have to see....I luv the Mulumba pic but didn't think we'd pursue him..I see now, with the connection to our coaches, that he was thought of highly...IF he shows up in the Peg, we have a winner there....This little db Kris Robertson is an amazing athlete...He showed very well at the combine and I see him making the club soon... I'd say all in all we had a very good draft... :thup:

Dicroce is a great pick, probably the best "playmaker" draft pick at receiver since Cahoon. The risk with Mulumba is that he becomes a Special Team staple in Tennessee.

Not much of a risk since of him playing special teams in Tennesee considering he signed with the Packers. That's the team in Green Bay for you HfxTc.

Regarding the draft. Bit WR heavy but with the expansion draft coming up and considering they start 2 NIs in Watson and Poblah, never hurts to have some depth at that spot. Alli is a burner with little experience, may or may not play CFL ball considering he's doing graduate work and has applied to med school. Robertson at the least should help out on special teams. Fitzgerald seems like he's a project, will get some experience in camp but probably back to school. Looks like a physical guy, could be a good backup in the slot and potentially double as a long snapper. Just surprised, 3rd rd seems like a reach for him. Just as much as they might've reached for Fitzgerald, sounds like Dicroce was a steal in the 4th rd. Out of the guys drafted, both he and Robertson are the two guys that seem most likely to stick around with the club in some capacity this season. Sounds like the kicker has a heck of a leg, they may find a way to keep him around even if he doesn't beat out palardy as insurance for the ottawa dispersal draft. All in all, not the greatest draft but decent.

Regarding Fitzgerald.
They love his toughness and aggressiveness and how he catches everything.
They project him as a Tight End/fullback kind of guy that they will use in schemes to shake up defences and for blocking. That fits in with the new blocking plans they have to protect the QBs.
Mack also spoke of who and when they pick their guys - not based on what other people are talking about but rather what's good for the Bombers - based on intangibles like being good athletes and hard workers.

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...This Fitzgerald guy is a big un'...IF he pans out, he'd certainly be a decent player on blocking schemes...He wasn't rated anywhere and his coach was surprised he was drafted..period..Has Kyle Walters been digging around for a diamond??Walters sure knows his stuff and we'll see just how intuitive he is with this pic.....This kid could be a great find and is a project for sure... :wink:

Fitzgerald and Povlopoulos from the draft class are signed already.