Draft Day: John Candy cameo

Stop feeding the pigeons (i.e., taking the bait) and they will look for another another place to feed.

Well considering that this entire Candy thread is not about the CFL at all and infact has a Joe Montans reference then talking about Candy's ownership from a quarter of a century ago and linking it to the current ownership is actually making this thread relievent to stay in the CFL section. The problem is that every other thread on this forum also turns into the same thing thanks to Argo 91...lol

You forgot Fatty Arbuckle!

Farley isn't in the same league as John Candy!

Jackie Gleason gets my vote :thup: :lol: Watching old episodes of "The Honeymooners" the man was classic,friggin' hilarious :lol: Art Carney and him were the perfect team,the way they played off each other in that show was priceless :smiley:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOQ9-b_Usy8 You are a blabbermouth :lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNauilZRzHk Classic scene,Ed Norton teaching Ralph how to golf...Hello ball !!! :lol:

"And away we go"

:thup: :thup: :lol: "How sweet it is" Hum-an-a-hum-a-na-hum-an-a...To the moon Alice !!! :D :lol: Bang !!! Zoom !!! [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CgNwBh8vOY&list=PLFUaC6JP-lJAel39eU3G6iKIzj5Lim_ZE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CgNwBh8 ... Izj5Lim_ZE[/url] :rockin: :cowboy: :lol:

Thanks to you bungle you are the first one to mention those two idiots name on this thread not me. can’t help myself to see those two clowns names on here and not to go off after seeing them.its funny how some guys think I trying to hijack and screw up the thread when I probably have been one of the biggest supporters of the Argos and cfl on this forum.

Its not about your worthiness as a fan at all. Its your injecting Braley in EVERY thread on this forum. We know how you feel...

Hey bobo, you got me thinking about Gleason, he's one of my favourites. Remember the Jackie Gleason show on every Sat. night. Crazy Googenheim..... But one Gleason line I still use today. When Jackie asked a guy if he wanted a drink, the guy shot back that he didn't drink. Gleason looks at him and says " so this is as good as you're going to feel today." Classic !

Thanks Paolo, I enjoy your perspective from the lovely and sunny Florida.
And thanks for being a big time American CFL fan.
I know you must talk CFL with your fellow American's all of the time.
Hopefully trying to convert them to the best league and most entertaining product all around.
As for coming to Canada, save and except attending to watch at CFL game, save your money.
We are very expensive country for a traveler here in the true north, with taxes coming out of the kazoo.
You are bang on about the arrogance here in the self professed World Class mentality.
Whenever I get a chance I visit your lovely state and am a big time cruiser.

Why don't you move to Florida then ArgoT if you hate it here so much. As somebody who has worked in tourism for years the VAST majority of visitors that come to Canada LOVE their visits here. And thankfully most people working in tourism in this country love it here too and love to show off our beautiful country with wonderful friendly people to visitors.

That worldwide reputation of Canadian friendliness - which is a comment I would hear often when chatting with tourists at events I was involved with in Toronto - is one that for the most part is very true. In spite of some individual gripes some read from certain posters here.

Our country is beautiful, second to none.
The citizens and especially in the big cities are far from friendly in my opinion.
Together with the service industry like restaurants,hotel and airport staff for example here in the city is by and large horrid.
Does not compare to same in the US and elsewhere in the world that I have traveled.
Perhaps other people here will have similar view points?

Nah.. I've had good service inside and outside Canada.. I've had bad service inside and outside Canada.. Same goes for big town and small town.

I find the folks in the Maritimes are big on the niceties. I once hitch hiked from YQM to Fundy National Park. Got there in 2 rides and the second lady drove us 30 km past her house to finish the trip while buying us ice cream..

Nah… I’ve had good service inside and outside Canada… I’ve had bad service inside and outside Canada… Same goes for big town and small town.

I find the folks in the Maritimes are big on the niceties. I once hitch hiked from YQM to Fundy National Park. Got there in 2 rides and the second lady drove us 30 km past her house to finish the trip while buying us ice cream…[/quote

As opposed to one of my experience at Pearson’s Intl. After waiting over half hour for my turn at a cap. The cab Driver tossed my 500 briefcase damaging it and luggage on the sidewalk and kicked me out of his cab because I wasn’t going far enough. Mountie came over set the fare and pulled his permit and told him to come and get it back after he dropped me off.

Huge difference.

Like John Cougar said, nothing beats a small town!

Being from Indiana originally, actually that's often not true. Great insights all.

It is a mixed review in the US with regards to service levels. Of all the places I have travelled, service tends to be significantly better in much of the northeast (down to the Washington DC area) plus in Las Vegas and Chicago and in Hawai'i.

In the South including where I live here in the Tampa Bay area, it is tricky to find good service and more often than not a joke.

If you are near a tourist trap (i.e. Orlando and some spots in South Beach, Miami) you will likely fare okay, but you will pay for it often dearly.

nope...I have found the average the same pretty much everywhere I have been, and I have traveled a fair amount. The biggest difference is that many people treat themselves when they travel and go to nicer places with better service, or go to touristy spots that know that the tourists are their bread and butter. Get off the beaten path, and my experience is that it is all relatively equal.