Draft Day: John Candy cameo

Very cool Cameo of John Smilling in a Joe Montana reference in the movie. Seems like he's as loved and remembered down south as he is here.

Yes it was a nice reference that they made. Was a good owner for the Argos when he was here always made the time out in his busy schedule to attend Argo games home and away. Loved his commercials that he used to make for Argo games. Let's hope the next owner of this team can show some of that dedication and work ethic that john candy used to bring to the Argos!

what movie?
Just to finish Argo 91's statement... "Not like the current Argo owner, that cheapskate Braley and the useless moron that he hired.... The numnuts Chris Rudge"

Like he said....What movie??? How's about providing a link to this mystery movie that you talk about :?

The movie is called draft day it just came out to the movie theatre the last week it revolves around he nfl draft. And yes john candy could never be compared to that cheapskate owner David Braley and that moron numnuts rudge! Unlike them two clowns candy put a lot of effort into making the Argos relevant in toronto.

....John Candy left us way too early...The guy was very generous and loved by everyone in football in this country, and on the movie sets where he worked...At the end of a movie shoot he'd give people involved expensive clothing, such as leather jackets and the like...buy dinners for everyone and didn't blink an eye....We could use more John Candys in this world and especially the CFL....Just a big hearted individual and a tough loss... :frowning:

Alright... That's enough off topic talk!!! Candy was great, but let's get this topic back on track.
David Braley is a cheapskate
Chris Rudge has numnuts.
They are absentee and lazy...
The next owners will be much better :cowboy:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chMiG7IBMdU Found this nice little 36 sec video of Candy,nothing but class :thup: :cowboy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4HzYF67B6U A must see documentary on John Candy and his time as a part owner of the Argos,it's sad really to watch this and see just how far the Argos have fallen,and how sad it is that the world lost such a great person as John Candy. :cry:

In the US, we would put the following guys on the Mount Rushmore of Overweight Hilarious Male Comedians perhaps (no particular order):

John Candy
John Belushi
Chris Farley
(vacant and debatable - need not be deceased)

Another classic scene from 'Stripes' (only one minute long):


Having a John Candy cameo in this abomination of a puff-piece of crap film by Disney and the NFL is not enough to honour him.

Rob Ford?

LOL - But a comedian has to intend to make people laugh, not just do stuff that makes people laugh at him.

Never was a Chris Farley fan, I'd take John Goodman over Chris, but to each their own.

The obvious name that struck me as missing is Oliver Hardy, perhaps the first great movie comedian.

Especially since this exclusively involves the No Funners?

Add John Pinette. :cry:

You nailed it and so these men are hereby for the first time ever now with their busts etched in stone on a mountainside:

John Candy
John Belushi
Chris Farley
Oliver Hardy

Argo Tom I have enjoyed your insights about Toronto on here for years, and now I am having some real fun on http://www.thebiglead.com with Torontans and sympathasizers after today's Toronto Sun and other local hijinks.

Toronto today managed post-Rob Ford to get a whole lot of American attention for all the wrong reasons, and rest assured that will continue as long as Toronto is in the NBA playoffs.

The main theme I hear too much from those from GTA on an off here or otherwise is arrogance.

Happily I'll take my future travel money most elsewhere in Canada given all that I have seen and heard over years.

Buddy Hackett.

What hijinks... A Nigerian American who has spent a few dozen months in Toronto screaming obsenities? The dude speaks broken English for god's sake... Fu@k is probably one of the few English words that the moron knows. He got his job through conections and the publiciity of his skin colour. He is completely unqualified

Mr. Bungle and Paolo - what does an f-bomb being dropped (to the delight of thousands of Raptors fans in Maple Leaf Square) by the man who was last year' NBA Executive of the year in Denver and will possibly be again this year in Toronto - have to do with a thread about John Candy and a movie about the NFL?

Msg. to Bomber - please note I had nothing to do with introducing the Raptors to this thread or starting a thread about an NFL movie. :smiley:


This is the problem since 1991 has been on this forum. He hijacks every single thread and slowly killing this forum while everyobdy just watches and gets played. Got to give it to him, he's very slick.