Draft day approaches

…I’ve always contended that Scott Mitchell was our guy at no 1…He would be a great addition HOWEVER it’s not written in stone that we go that route…Duane Ford has suggested in a column yesterday he heard rumours that the Bombers may draft Henoc Muamba no 1…Not often that we would consider a LB as a top pic but if Mack and Lapo see something ‘fantastic’ in this kid we may go that way…I’ve watched a few film clips of Muamba and he is impressive…Depending on what Tilman and Wally do at 2 and 3 (if they keep them)could give us Mitchell and Muamba…failing that we’ll definitely be in good shape picking up Coehoorn or Parker at no 4…Whatever happens i think the Bombers are going to be greatly improved ni wise in a week…It’s going to be VERY interesting :thup: :rockin:

…In the end the BIG question and it always is in the draft…Do you pic the best talent available or draft for need
Something to ponder :roll:

i take these rumors with a grain of salt.. mack has held his cards close to his chest, i think what this is.. these rumors and sources are other teams gm's getting in fordes ear and letting them no, well we want this kid... they want that kid, blah blah blah.. its draft day hype.. u know? get some press for it :stuck_out_tongue:

its rumor, its heresay, its just speculation i think.. brings up an interesting point... thing is if edmonton and bc both wanted a receiver... well and the bombers wanted both mitchell and muamba.. does it really matter if they take mitchell first or muamba first because of rumors are correct.. edmonton will take one of parker/coehoorn and bc will take one of parker/coehoorn/ianuzzi. meaning mitchell/muamba both there at 4 anyways..

personally, if we are for sure that edmonton and bc wont take mitchell at 2 and 3.. then take muamba at 1 and mitchell at 4. if theres any doubt.. i think we should grab the kid who has a better chance in starting. and for a long time first and i feel thats the olineman.. he's versatile, can play all spots. we have an ok oline but in a few years with mitchell labatte, butler,douglas. thats a pretty solid 4 man group. if morencie steps up or we find us a center.. well.. we should be good for the next 5 years on the line atleast.

LB... can this kid be as good as emry? if so... and we know for sure, bc and edmonton want the receiver... does it matter?

LOL.. bring on the draft..

id take both :stuck_out_tongue: just who first i guess is the question. poblah if he gets NI status could be taken in the supplemental draft.
or like we could trade brock ralph, morely and the 4th and maybe a later round pick to edmonton and just pick 1 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

......interesting suggestion in your last line....but does anyone really want Ralph :lol: he's an ni receiver i guess??but Parker or Coehoorn most likely still being available at 2, following our pic, would definitely be considered by the esks. ...i think Tilman grabs one of them.. :wink:

Having picks 1 and 4 will take some guessing. So many rumors. Let's say the Blue brass likes both Muamba and Mitchell and hope to land both and pass on a first round receiver knowing they can add a guy like Poblah in the supplemental. Then it comes down to guessing who Edmonton and BC would take at their spots and then beating them to the punch with the #1 pick and hope the other guy is still there at #4. At #2, looking at the Edmonton roster I think they would like a guy like Muamba. They may take Mitchell but they seem in better shape at their oline compared to their other spots. At #3 looking at BC's roster I would be looking on the defensive side of the ball if I was GM. Specifically, Brent Johnson is the only NI Dlineman and he has not played at the same level as he did a couple years ago and he's getting older, time to find a backup/future starter there. And at Oline the addition of Archibald as a FA and adding Jesse Newman late last season seemed to shore up a couple of weak spots on their oline so maybe they pass Mitchell over as well.

Now if they like one of the receivers, I think they should take Mitchell first overall unless they are absolutely in love in one of them. Even then i would bypass a receiver at #1. Does Edmonton take a receiver? They have some NI receiver depth at present and would they risk having Bauman getting beaten out for a spot in camp after giving him such a rich FA deal? As for BC - they picked up Gore and Akeem Foster last year, and unless they are going to dump Paris Jackson, probably look elsewhere with their first pick.

The one guy no one is talking about for the Blue is Andre Clark. This guy tested well at the combine. I'm not surprised really because I think it's a long shot that they pick him, but I do find it interesting that they brought him into the minicamp. Smokescreen or genuine interest?

What if Edmonton or BC trade their pick to a team that grabs Mitchell ? We won't know till draft day. I personaly dont understand why you would take a LB first overall who at best could start in two or three years and play maybe five years when you can grab a linesman that can start 10 to 13 years, especialy a team that dressed Fritz last year.

I doubt Tillman passes on Mitchell at #2. Look at Edmonton's roster, they need NI linemen more than anyone else. I can't see a scenario where Winnipeg gets both Muamba and Mitchell. If they take Muamba first I think Mitchell goes second. If they take Mitchell first then I think Muamba goes third to B.C. but with that said, there's nothing wrong with Muamba/Mitchell first then Coehoorn/Parker 4th.

You could even take Mitchell and a junior linesman with the fourth pick and then forfeit your 1st rounder next year and grab Poblah, this way you get two top notch prospect at this year’s camp and next year you get another one in spite of having no first round pick.

Don't even have to necessarily give up a first round pick.

Bet you do.

Yes, it could be a lower round pick that they lose for Poblah. If they do like Poblah and given their priority spot in claiming him it certainly will give them options at #4 in terms of picking a spot other than receiver. I do think Mitchell is priority here over Muamba. Mitchell tested at all 5 spots at the Ecamp so even if the team stuck with 2 import tackles long term his versatility is a big plus. Being a tackle he could allow them some further ratio flexibility in switching back to 4 NI's on the Oline. LaBatte is a good one but he continues to have NFL aspirations, who knows if anything develops along those lines, Mitchell would give them insurance there if the team lost LaBatte for a year to an NFL looksee. Khan may not ever regain his pre-Crohn's form. Donnelly is a capable versatile backup at multiple positions but there has been some suggestion his time with the Blue may soon be coming to an end. Greaves, the converted DL drafted last year, Morencie, and Kowalczuk all remain developmental ?'s. These are guys that come in and start as maybes and you hope they become good, maybe one of them surprises you. They need to find that stud like a LaBatte, who is less a project and more a guy who can step in and play at a good level right away if you need him and build on being great.

If Anthony Parker and Coehorn are top four pick, your not going to tell me Poblah who caught passes in 35 games straight in D1 ball is gonna cost you less than a first round pick but go ahead and offer a lower round pick :slight_smile: Since the draft is before the supplemental you have to make 100 percent sure that you get Poblha otherwis your entire draft strategy is toast.

So what if he caught a pass in 35 straight games? That's like saying you had a tackle in 35 straight games. There's no doubt he has pretty good stats and went to a decent sized school that plays against some pretty big programs. Last year you could have bragged about Forzani and his NCAA rercord tying 99 yard TD reception at Washington State, but Calgary gave up a third round pick for him. Hamilton made the mistake of giving up a first round pick for Zac Carlson and he couldn't even last more than one year with the team. I think now teams will be hesitant to give up a first round pick. Winnipeg has the luxury of having the first pick so if they offer a second round pick and nobody else offers a 1st, then he belongs to Winnipeg. I don't think teams are aware of what needs they'll have next year and and what type of players that might burst on to the scene and become one of the top prospects, one of which they may miss out on for giving away their first round pick the previous year.

Forzani had the one great record setting reception but the rest of his statistics are pretty pedestrian, especially when compared to the numbers Poblah put up. The supplemental draft is a bit of a joke IMO. I understand all the procedure to apply for NI status and getting approval in some cases. However he was granted NI status sufficiently in advance of the draft to be included with the other prospects, there should be no reason for him or any of the other guys to be relegated to a supplemental draft unless the whole procedure takes up to a week or two before the draft. Teams certainly would have had sufficient time to evaluate him prior to the draft. They could have even brought him in to their minicamps, those that had them, for a looksee by now. The deadline they have for including players into draft should be changed.

Also I'm not entirely clear on how the draft proceeds. Is it like a silent auction where teams put in a sealed bid or do they go round by round by draft order and seeing what is the maximal draft position teams are willing to give up, with winnipeg getting last call in each round? A silent type auction makes it more likely to overbid on a player. Losing a first pick next year could be costly as the 2012 class is generally considered deeper and more talented compared to this years group which is considered more top heavy in terms of talent. Poblah, if he was included with the current crop, apparently would've been graded the top receiver from what I've read. So do you give up a 1st rounder next year to add 3 1st round talents this year? Frankly, I'm confident in Mack making this call. He has a lot of connections with football people in the US from his time in the NFL that would have the skinny on the kid.

....AND that's the most important part of the supplemental....getting a good read on who you're after....I also have confidence in Mack....I understand the Bombers would have to offer up a first round pic in 2012 for Poblah...We do get first consideration in the supplemental AND if we do offer up something of value, other teams have to match it or better it from what i understand...I'm also not quite clear on the bidding process maybe somebody on here can clear it up...You just never know with taking a wild shot like going after this kid Poblah...It didn't work out too well for the cats when they went down that road last year and claimed a player in the supplemental...Can't remember the players name but he is no longer on their roster and it was a useless effort :roll:

Your comparison is ridiculous a 6 3' D1 four year starter has nothing in common with a project like Forzani who's never finished a thing.

Teams like Saskatchewan, Montreal and Calgary could very well use a first round pick on Kito. When you draft 7th or 8th. every year its not much different than 9th or 10th that are a Winnipeg second round pick.

The only reason teams may not offer a first rounder is if they think Kito will go to the NFL.

Its a blind auction Papa, you submit your offer and the highest wins, you get one shot.

It was Zack Carlson and most in the know, knew this kid had little chance but Hamilton never did their homework.

......hmmmmmm one shot eh......I would say some heavy duty homework should be done in that case...Mr. Mack...you're on the clock :roll:

Duane Ford writes that this kid should land on the supplemental as well.

[url=http://www.olemisssports.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/laurent_ted00.html]http://www.olemisssports.com/sports/m-f ... ted00.html[/url]

Very strange how a guy who played for Kent Austin and Eric Tillman’s Alma would not have been kept hidden, :roll:

Choices, choices :slight_smile:

.....yes ...strange indeed ....Austin ...Eric...asleep :roll: ....The guy is defintely intriguing and could be considered :wink:

I'm gonna say

1st Overall - OL Scott Mitchell . Our Oline depth is ok... But hypothetically Labatte started his rookie year at guard.. What if this kid comes in starts Guard Opposite Labatte.. I mean, we would save money as morely would either be cut or traded and greaves can be our 6th man. Butler,Labatte,Khan,Mitchell, January/Douglas. That should be ok. Greaves or even Mitchell... (to start since he can play all spots) backing up. Younger abit minus Khan and yeah... Should be good for years to come. :slight_smile: Maybe Morencie can replace Khan :slight_smile:

4th Overall.. could be traded in a package to either BC or Edmoton even for their 2nd or 3rd overall picks.
(4th Overall, Ralph, Morley, Late Round pick to Edm Or BC.. for 2nd or 3rd overall and maybe a second rounder if possible)

But if we dont trade the sack of crap ralph... I think with the 4th pick... Regardless.. I think Edmonton Takes A Receiver (Coehoorn). BC Takes an olineman. (Tyler Holmes maybe)

Wpg takes LB Henoc Muamba and i think... if we do it this way... Well, I see us getting both.

edmonton needs ol depth.. Bc does too, they would both take mitchell if we took muamba first... Its a given. Dudes a starter ill bet his first year.

If we take mitchell first... we make them think... edmonton hmm... Lb or Receiver... I think receiver with them.. Tillman likes that. bauman coehoorn etc.. its his bagg,getzalf,Fantuz... :stuck_out_tongue:

BC has lb depth.. lots... they have receiver depth (a fair bit). they lack oline depth.

Its pretty obvious i think.. why we should take mitchell.. 1. he's the best player available.. NCAA guard.. played against HUNT.. yeah.. umm take this guy.. 2. It screws the other teams futures aswell cuz they are both weak at oline also :slight_smile: