Draft and National quota

If a team selects a National in the draft and they loose that player to the NFL then I am suggesting that the National quota for that team drops by one player.

I think this needs to be addressed now as more Canadians from the CIS or NCAA are signed by the NFL.
Teams will have some insurance to select the very best Canadians in the draft. Not the case now.
If this drafted player returns to the team then the quota is restored. If a team selects for 10 years and all players are signed in the NFL than that team has 10 less Nationals.
League is looking for a solution

I do not know if this is the solution to this problem but it needs some attention paid to it

I don't see the problem. There are about 20 Canadians playing in the NFL and they aren't necessarily the best.

my point is, if a team selects in the 1st round and the CFL team cannot sign him, then the quota would be reduced by 1 player. If he comes back the quota is restored.

General Managers can no longer just pick the best talent, they have to weigh the CFL interest by the player first so they do not waist their pick.

The more I think about this the more I think this idea or some variance to this idea is right thing for the league

It has been like this for at least 25 years. It just gets more coverage now.

Only difference is now you have agents like Hardaway that have weaponized this. What I would suggest is a cut off date. Once training camp starts if you have been drafted and don't have a contract signed you have to wait and re-enter the draft the following spring. Since a team has to submit a qualifying offer this would be fair IMO.

Welll not necessarily suited for the CFL game. Take Tim Tindale for instance, his type of game wasn't suited for the CFL anyways as a running back with quick speed but it was for the NFL game where he played for Buffalo for a few years. I doubt he would have been a real star in the CFL.

Exactly, Another flaw with the OP's "idea" is that in his universe. A team that is well stocked on Canadian could load its draft with guys that have NFL aspirations = stock up for the future and as a bonus would get to play with as little as one, two or three Canadians starters. Not a fan of people like Hardaway but I trust CFL General Managers even less.

Ok, have to admit I haven't followed Hardaway. Is this what you mean about him?:


Hardaway earned considerable credibility with CIS players when, two years ago, he managed to land former Concordia linebacker Cory Greenwood with the Kansas City Chiefs. Last year, he helped get former Queen's offensive lineman Matt O'Donnell onto the Cincinnati Bengals practice roster. O'Donnell decided to wait out the NFL lockout last spring instead of reporting to Saskatchewan when he was drafted by the Roughriders.

To say that Hardaway is not popular with CFL general managers is putting it rather mildly (Hardaway did not return a phone call for this column.). And at least some say that having Hardaway represent a player affects where they might draft him.

There's not much the CFL can do about Hardaway, but the league appears determined to reform its draft rules so that players will have to state their intentions and lose the ability to change their minds after the draft

... http://www2.tsn.ca/blogs/dave_naylor/?id=397687 [i] (2012)[/i]

But that's one of them hypotheticals that no one can prove an it's easy to say. What was "his type of game" ??? he was 5'11" and 220 pounds he could have run over people in the CFL and caused a lot of injuries.

It is not hypothetical that both leagues had and to a certain extent still have different skill sets they look for that suits their rules and their size field. A 3 yard run play on a first, second and even third down is success in the NFL, not so in the CFL where anything under 5 yard is trouble.

Mike Sellers... Was used a handful of times a game in Winnipeg and Edmonton but put up 21 TD's in the NFL.

[b]slimjim2 wrote:[/b] But that's one of them hypotheticals that no one can prove an it's easy to say. What was "his type of game" ??? he was 5'11" and 220 pounds he could have run over people in the CFL and caused a lot of injuries.
What, like Ricky Williams did which of course didn't happen very often? Come on, Tindale was no Ricky Williams.

Greenwood. 1st or 2nd overall pick, had a a nice run playing teams in the NFL, can’t start in Toronto…


I like this idea as the start of draft reform. Commit or wait

Have players declare NFL interest prior to the draft, and then have a separate one or two round draft for those players, leaving the current draft for undeclared players. That would allow teams to focus on those players who are likely to play in the CFL in the main draft, while allowing them to select players with NFL interest for the future.

The only issue I can see with this would be players who didn't declare NFL interest who later decide to try out there, delaying their entry in the CFL. And the idea of making them ineligible for that season might work, although not sure whether it would stand up in court - and guaranteed, it would be challenged. Unfortunately, that doesn't help the team that drafted him. So maybe they could be granted an extra draft spot in the same round the following year?

Jerome Messam 6' 3" 245

Yep, you proved my point. A player suited for the NFL game but would not have made it in the CFL................... :oops: :oops:

So you are suggesting that a first round pick is automatically going to be starting? Generally speaking, they are rotational to start...so why would dropping the quota be fair? Beyond this, the refs have a hard enough time tracking everything...this is a rule that they rarely mess up...I only recall a couple times....this is begging for controversy.

I could see something like if you lose a 1st round pick then you get the highest bid in a supplemental draft...that's about it.

I think you misunderstood my intent. I was talking about the American Canadian ratio and the upcoming CFL draft

Pretty sure that's what he's talking about too. He's questioning the logic in your proposal that if a draft choice, who has no guarantee of starting or even making the team, doesn't show up because he's signed to a practice roster in the NFL, then the team would be able to dress (or was that to start?) an extra American.

As someone mentioned earlier, this would probably result in teams drafting as many players as possible that they know are heading south in the anticipation of dressing / starting as few Canadians as possible.

then i misunderstood. I was thinking about a first round draft choice that does not sign with the team. Some protection for the team would be that they could find a replacement for this player by dropping 1 player from the ratio. What the team just did is waste a draft selection. We do not need teams trying to out guess this aspect of the draft also. If he returns than the ratio changes back. I am CDN but i think we need to do something to counter the players going south. If you select and they go, then they go. We are only talking about a dozen of the CIS or NCAA Canadians who would not sign because they want a trial down south. Would be great to have them here

If you are talking simply an extra international player on the 44 man roster, meaning an extra designated international, then perhaps that would work, although I would rather not go that route. I actually support an decrease in the number of international players on the roster, and think there are enough quality Canadians today to allow for that. So maybe they could introduce this rule together with a decrease of internationals by one.

If, on the other hand, you're talking starters, then I'd have to say no. A definite no. As I've stated in another thread, increasing the maximum number of starting international players would have a huge negative effect on the number of Canadians in the "skills" positions.