Downtown Parking

Here is just a map of parking availability in the downtown core. All of the city lots are reflected by the green numbers (as the city of Hamilton has so labelled them). In addition, I've filled in red several private pay lots that I'm aware of (however I could be mistaken). In addition, the lands surrounding the potential stadium, and Jackson Square (due to their underground parking) have also been noted by the spray effect of red.

This map excludes other potential private lots, of which many I can see being agreeable to charging for their spaces during a game, just as many currently do by Ivor Wynne. This also of course, excludes the various street meters in the core, which would no doubt be used, of which the city cites there being over 800. It also does not include the lands the city managed to acquire from the "housekeeping" land claim, which they have also claimed will be converted for additional parking. I should also note, nearly all of these listed locations are surface lots, save for #68 and 69 from mu understanding. Not parking plazas, meaning there is room to accommodate additional parking plazas.

As far as being able to walk to the stadium I have no doubt Mr. Young or the city would be happy to create/reserve/sell seasonal handicapped parking spaces the closest potential parking for the stadium for the disabled. The main reason I'm displaying this is to show the ample parking that is available in the core, and it's proximity to the suggested stadium. It also speaks volumes to how much city owned parking is available and how much potential revenue a parking "kickback" could offer the cats.

That's one heck of a walk from most of those revenue for the Ticats or any other function either

As far as neighbourhood parking on sidestreets?.......don't count on it because all games are scheduled when residents are mostly home and the spots will already be taken.

By the way, I tested the time of a fairly brisk walk from the Rheem factory to the Armories on James about three weeks was easily 20 minutes and most of your lots are even further

I walked to the fireworks display at Bayfront Park a couple of weeks ago from my apartment near Bold & Park streets, and it took me a little over 15 minutes to get to Bay & Barton. More than twice as far as the armouries. And I wasn’t walking overly fast.

Most people going to the movies at night expect to park in a parking lot by the cinemas and just believe that is where the lot will be. But not for some other types of events, I suppose. The expectation isn't there. :?

Most adults walk a mile in around 18 to 20 minutes (on level ground with no obstacles). For estimating walking time in the city you need to add time for street crossings. Also, in a game-day scenario, sidewalks will be crowded which means the "20 minutes per mile" estimate goes out the window, as slow moving people in the crowd will have a domino effect on the speed of others in the crowd.

Here's an interesting graph estimating crowd walking speed as a function of crowd density:

[url=] ... 0047-g006/[/url]

I routinely park in lot 68. Its a 5 minute walk to Copps entrance on York Blvd at the Gibsons lounge. Since the stadium is 3 to 4 times the distance it will take 15 to 20 minutes for most. Thanks for verifying the walking distances as being overly long for most. Exactly what I've been trying to say all along

Yeah, that's what most of us want to do. Walk all that distance and have to encounter crackheads, panhandlers and other assorted riff-raff. Why do you think the core is abandoned? People in the surrounding suburbs that make up the majority of the population want nothing to do with downtown. It's fact.

I was downtown last night at the monthly art crawl on James St. North

and it's a fact that the street was teeming with upscale artsy types
visiting the many art galleries there and others in restaurants and cafes.

Today, I drove past the area around King and James Streets
and it was full of people of many socio/economic levels.

If there were few ne'er-do-wells among them
it didn't seem to bother them, diabolus.

Toughen up my man, they won't hurt you. :smiley:

Thanks for confirming the long walk times! People from Burlington and the suburbs really want to walk 20 minutes through downtown Hamilton, to and from the game, often late at night after a game!

A simple look at the proposed site on google maps shows the implausibility of getting in and out of anywhere near the stadium with a car. This does significant damage to our ability to get out of towners to come to the city for events, Tiger-Cat or not, especially those upper middle class car owning people that actually have money to spend.

What a joke this whole thing has become, all over a need for people to feel like they are accomplishing some sort of re-vitalization without having the slightest clue what they are actually doing or even talking about. I can't believe it's even happening.

downtown is not all crackheads and panhandlers. lots of great people and events happen down there. maybe instead of complaing yhou should give it a chance.

Oh, I get that it's not all crackheads downtown, but that's not going to convince the millions of people in this region that vehemently disagree. If you think a poor quality 20k stadium a 10 minute walk away from downtown is going to do anything at all to change that perception, you are incorrect.

You can see why people outside of Hamilton are confused about Hamilton, people living IN Hamilton are all over the map with how they view the city.

Again, we live in the "information age" that is supposed to make us much more informed about everything but yet I have problems seeing this everywhere. Teens with all this information about sex still have problems knowing when to say yes and no.

"Information Age" - I don't get it. We may have more information at our fingertips that past generations but does this equate into being wiser and knowing more about the difference between right and wrong? I don't think so sadly. :?

But I was down at the Climb for Cancer today and met Jarret and the gang and some TigerCats and Argonauts and people doing the stairs, wife and me contributed a few dollars but didn't do the stairs - man, it was great and seeing Cattman and this is what it's all about, Canadian football fans doing stuff for a great cause. It was a wonderful sight at the Chedoke stairs today. Beats the "information age" any day I say. Great stuff Jare and gang! :thup: :thup:

My wife thinks Ray Mariuz is hot, well he's got a better body than I do and a lot younger and well, is more well read than me but I've got charm she says. Thanks wifey! :? :cowboy: :stuck_out_tongue: Let me repeat, a much, much better body than I do. :cry: :cry:

Next year I think we'll try the stairs thing but man they are intimidating when you're old and achy, ah, just an excuse I guess.

Finally!! Exactly my sentiments. In wild, obnoxious agreement.
Here's a clip I found of a previous art crawl.

Oh, and no need to apologies if you mistake this for Queen West:

[url=] ... re=related[/url]

no wonder this country isn't fit. a 10-20 minute walk is to far for anyone to walk. one thing nobody is saying is the cost,the further away the cheaper the parking, so does bob want me to pay $30 near the stadium to park and spend nothing in the stadium or park cheaper somewhere else and spend some money on concessions inside. maybe somebody could put parking maps for the centenial site and chedoke site to compare. bet you would find the parking isn't any better. but i could be wrong.

so millions of people think downtown hamilton is a horrible scary place. millions? that seems a bit extreme. a bet most of these people have been down there in years. its changing for the better. new library market, new places of business opening up, people buying up and renovating the buildings on james north.

Downtown at night is not that bad but in many people's perception out there, it is hell.

Yes, the GTA is made up of millions of people who all believe our downtown is a hole. I don't know how anyone is unaware of this perception. But it's not just the GTA, it's everyone.

I like the bars (Hess, Sliantes, Honest Lawyer), restaurants (Thai Memory!) and the art crawl. But I'm not naive enough to think that an underfunded and poor quality 20K stadium 10-20 minutes away from the downtown core is going to in anyway help with downtown renewal. An unsuccessful white elephant could actually hurt the re-vitalization of downtown and the waterfront, by adding to a perception of failure. Which is what a 100 million 20K highschool football stadium would be.

This is exactly the reason I'd like to see a stadium in that area. Now, aside from any issues related to the actual stadium, I want to be able to show off that area of Hamilton to the rest of the country. It's pretty cool down there. People are just starting to notice it. The coverage, experience, and notice that that area of the city would get with a stadium could be of incalculatable benefit.

I know there are other ways to make that happen, but the sheer volume of people, plus the tV coverage, would be hard to replicate with anything other than a stadium or an NHL team. To me, that can be the value of sports franchise to the core of the city.

Definitely agree. This has to be done properly.

I don't know man. I took this video around 2am downtown last night, and I think it's a pretty scary site.