There was a problem with the server - but things have been rectified… we also took advantage of the downtime and moved the database to another server with the hopes of increasing the speed of the site.

…and then all the cache expired since it hadn’t been used in many hours… so the site had to rebuild them… and slowed to the crawl of a wounded dog.

Speed will be a main issue for you if you want to keep this site dynamic. It still take a few minutes for pages to load.

The main users of the site will probably grant you guys some time to get things going. We’re glad you want to improve and we can play our part by pointing out what needs to be improved.

Bugs, down servers, slow speed can be tolerated now, because everything is new and it’s a slow season football-wise. But once pre-season gets underway, frustration will grow if the site isn’t more functionnal.

Keep up the good work.

Working that out. Speed pretty much is the main issue right now.

I’m not a perfectionist - but I like doing things right.

Tolerated by some… not by all… I’d like to get everything sorted out sooner than later.

Thanks for your support.

It’s a great site and improving the speed will only make it better. I still think it would be nice to see a link on this site to show all the grey cup logos for every year. I’ve never seen a site showcase stuff like that for the CFL only for the NFL.