Downtime this afternoon

We’ll be doing a big system switchover this afternoon - and it will require a few minutes of downtime.

The upside is that our tests have shown a 5 fold speed increase with the new system.

Thank you.

Keep up the good work.

Keep it like this and I will be here evry day once again. This is much better. Thank You.

excellent work technolords, very fast now, almost too fast for the slow breathers.....

yes.....i will post twice as often now

Thanks. I know you guys are doing your best. I have to say thought that I had to log in even though I always click "remember me". Then when I tryed to reply to this post it made me log in all over again?

man Eskimos32001, why don't you take a week off and let the rest of us catch up?... and you post enough as it is so if you post twice as much won't that cut into your something else time?

i know i was just a sage, ill cool down eventually

thats good... holy crap!!! last time i looked at how many posts you had was like a week ago or something and you only had like 150 and now you got 329!!! thats insane

wow, the speed is finally here!