Down to the short and curlies...


Is there a slight hope that we still have a chance?

The Gades (6-10) remain mathematically alive for a post-season berth, but it would take a near miracle. We must win both remaining home games against Montreal and Toronto, and hope that either the Calgary or Roughriders go winless.

I'll be at both games behind my team... Who else is in?

i'll be there, but i'll be realistic, it's over. if they weren't able to get up for a game against the ti-cats, i don't see them winning either of the last two games.

This team needs a major overhaul for next season starting with the coaching staff. I'd like to see Dave Ritchie in as Head Coach.

Eric Tillman as GM, Bob O'Billivich as Head Coach or assistant GM, and/or Greg Marshall as Head Coach. Lonie must keep his nose out of the team's business and put Forrest Gump in a senior' s home. :evil:

You can't have Ritchie...he's ours!!


Well it’s a stage and we’re the Cinderella story.

We need the team that lost in yesterday’s western game to loose the remaining games.

It made better sense to the Gades if the Greenriders lost. They have a buy next week and play BC on Nov 5th. Stamps have the Bombers next week, finishing with the Eskimos. So the Greenrider loss yesterday was the better option for the Gades.

I’d feel a whole lot better… betting that the Greenriders to lose a game against BC, Nov 5th, rather than the Stamps loosing against the Bombers.

I believe Gades next two wins and the Greenriders loss = 8(W), 10(L) for both stopping the crossover.

Get this… JR and Grosse (team1200 afternoons) said it best today and I agree with it.
The Argos and Als are locked in, these two games against the Gades are nothing games for them.

If it’s a nothing game… why play your starters? Let’s see the starters sit in both games waiting for the post season. In my mind, they’ll probably want to play the Gades than the western crossover team in the post season.

However… how could the Gades allow the Ti-Cats and Kevin Eakin, in his first CFL game to get 520 Total Net yards?

Hey... we're the talk of the site...

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it's Don Mathews that we're talking about here. When have we ever known for him to rest his starters.


I think anyone who is a gades fan should be going to the game this weekend. let's try to get the place packed and cheer on our team. I know the chances are slim, but there is still a chance, so get out there and support them.

Get this… The stars are aligning…

We needed Edmonton to beat BC… BC now needs to play Sask because it is now “not a nothing game� for them. They haven’t clinched 1 place in the West yet.

We need to beat both Montreal and Toronto... So…

Edmonton beat BC – check
Ottawa beat Montreal – find out at 6pm today
Ottawa beat Toronto – find out next week
BC beat Sask – find out next week
Gades in the Playoff… SWEEEEEEEET's over and paopao is gone....WOO HOO

Well looking back -

Edmonton beat BC – check
Ottawa beat Montreal – Mathews plays his starters and wants to meet Sask... what an idot.
Ottawa beat Toronto – check - Pinball is class and knows the game means nothing so why tempt faith
BC beat Sask – oh well 9 and 9 is better than 8 and 10 anyday. It was sealed when Sask beat BC yesterday 13-12

Montreal meets Saskatchewan... funny most Als fans I spoke with at the game on Oct 29th wanted to beat the Gades but then realized that it would mean a possible loss to Sask on Nov 13th.

Als fans are nice people but don't really know whats going on... If they do get by Sask, They won't get by TO.