Down to One Bidder for Possible New Ottawa CFL Franchise

According to an article by David Naylor in the Nov 3/06 edition of The Globe and Mail, the CFL has notified Frank D'Angelo that it "does not wish to negotiate with his group for a possible expansion franchise in Ottawa."

With the withdrawal of the bid by the Golden Gate Capital group last month, this now appears to leave an American-based bid group led by former CFLer Bill Palmer as the only group now negotiating with the CFL to bring football back to Ottawa.

It's better than no bidder.

Having said that, I've had a bad feeling about Ottawa's chances since the franchise was folded earlier this year. Unless the league gets ABSOLUTELY the right owner, with franchises having failed twice previously in the nation's capital, are Ottawa fans ready to be possibly disappointed a third time? Not sure, but my guess is no.

The CFL wasn’t interested in D’Angelo from the beginning. I think they were worried about Steelback beer publicity and Ben Johnson selling Cheetah.
The remaining group has to sign up Jeff Hunt. Hunt is popular in Ottawa and has made the 67s the most successful team in junior hockey with the highest attendance.

Good...2 b honest I dont think Frank D'Angelo woulda been a proper fit. It drives me absolutely nuts when those annoying adds come up for his beer and such during Hockey night In Canada. At least now he can focus on making a decent beer.

The CFL didn’t want a high profile
publicity-seeking owner like Frank.

Ottawa has already had to deal with
the constant shenanigans of Lonie.

It’s too bad. His financial backers
do have excellent credentials.

All good points. D’Angelo could very well have turned out being yet another incompentent owner that Ottawa’s CFL fans would have had to put up with.

And the article, which you can read if you click here, does not say anything about Jeff Hunt. It would be good to hear if he were interested in owning the team. He seems to have done well in running the Ottawa 67’s, and Ottawa fans need to hear they have an owner with a proven track record.

do you really think the cfl is too excited about anyone stepping into a failed cfl city?

I hope that the league is looking at Quebec City as an option for expansion. While they have a small facility at Laval, football is a hot property in the province. Shaping the franchise after the Montreal model would be a good start and I believe has a greater chance of success than returning to Ottawa.

While I hate to admit it, Bob McKeowen (sic) had an interesting idea for limited CFL expansion. He suggested that looking at border cities ( in States like Syracuse, Ohio, Oregon) as possible markets. He proposed that having the teams stock themselves with players that played college in the area would be a good start. If 20-30k attendance is what you need to finance a team this may be workable. The proximity to the Cdn border means that these markets will at least have heard of the CFL.

Just a thought-

Ottawa is toast I think at this point. Too bad but thems the breaks. Maybe the people there who hate football will get their condos built as they want and everything will be hunky dorey.

i was estatic when the league wanted to bring in expansion teams from the US (back in the 90's). Unfortunately they didn't do their homework and rushed the plan. almost as bad as the XFL experiment. Too Bad, because alot of people in Canada now have a bad taste for any expansion into the States. I like Bob's (the fan) idea.
Plus I agree with him (sorry ottawa) why should the CFL go back to the nation's capital?
In my opinion the last bid for Ottawa will fail too.

I apologize to the die hard fans in ottawa unfortunately there is not enough of you to complete the city and team support.

Not enough Ottawa fans??? Where have you been?
Until their final year, Ottawa was drawing more fans to their games than Hamilton and Toronto combined!!
The problem has never been about fan support, it has been about mismanagement.
It's too bad that the Rengades had to start off with a $5Million franchise fee which hampered the original owners. Then the Ottawa owners had to bail out the HAMILTON TIGER CATS and the ARGOs before new ownership. The city of Ottawa charged the team the highest rent of any stadium in the country.

As for Quebec City - forget it, no stadium and no potential corporate sponsorship. Ottawa has the advantage of having a huge high tech industry that should be called upon for corporate sponsorship. Ottawa has a great stadium with the best site lines in the CFL. It just makes sense to go back to Ottawa with a good management team and poplular people like Jeff Hunt.

But mike, isn't it true that the people with the power there really want the stadium demolished and condos built? That's what I read somewhere, sometime.

I hadn't heard that one but it would make sense. The stadiunm is located in a very prime location. It must be worth a fortune to a developer.

An Argo fan

Negotiations have entered the 3rd phase - there could be an anouncement during Grey Cup week.

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r4758 wrote:

That could be very embarrassing especially to rich businessmen that don't want to be humiliated

I doubt that there are a lot of the type of rich businessmen that a pro league wants that are really interested to be honest.

Tom Wright is correct... before you go to 10 teams you need to get back to 9.

Ottawa is the most logical choice I think becasue it has a stadium (no other city does) and it has a sufficient population base (1 million) with good coprporate sponsorship potential. I hope we are able to return there for 2008.

After that, Quebec City, Halifax and perhaps Windsor are possibilities as a 10th team, but longer term. No stadiums, not as many people, less corporate potential.

We need Ottawa back. The CFL has a rich tradition and a huge part of that is football in Ottawa!

Earl, I worked in Ottawa in the late '90s when there was a REAL push to knock down Frank Clair and build condos, but Chiarelli, the mayor sttod up to the developers and the BIG effort died out. I know every now and then, someone tries to start that movement again, but the city will not let them build the stadium is there waiting for the team...and let's hope Jeff Hunt is involved. HE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS!

Hamilton Tiger-Cats blow hard on East hastings

Is it Time to give up on Ottawa ..
1 Possible Owner Left 2 Groups Gone..

so it this group or Nothing..
Golden Gate Capital was best Group .
They are gone ..

I choose Nothing.. Ottawa is a Hockey Town.

It is a know Fact the Price of a Team in Ottawa is Going up.. How do we know this group will be in it for the long hall.

We Don't
We Got Lucky with Bob..

I say Wait for More People to Apply.
If Know one Dose forget Ottawa.
Go to Quebec or Maritimes
Ottawa is a Lost Cause.