Down to 68 and non-counters

The six players moved to meet the midnight June 17th requirement of a maximum roster of 68 plus non-counters:

Released -- IMP LB Alex Joseph, IMP DT Jada Brown, IMP DE Matt Oh, IMP OL Brandon Thomas, IMP RB James Berezik

Put on the 9 Game Injured List -- NIP DB Marc Beswick

Beswick is a big loss, he's one of the best special teamers in the league.

Roster limits are at 65 and non-counters.


I know there isn't room on the roster for Berezik with Cobourne and Walker plus two more RBs on the injury list, but I was impressed with what I saw of him on Wednesday. Could be he'll be signed later in the year once injuries start to take their toll.

Might just end up on the practice roster..

Possible, but given that they still have to drop from 68 to 46, I'm guessing that the PR will be made up of players that'll be cut between now and the end of the month.

You're right Richard. I stand corrected. 68 was the number, prior to this season, for the start of training camp. That changed this year to 75 with the first cut now to 65.

I thought Berezik looked good too, although he was running against the Arghos 2nd and 3rd string defence. Walker, on the other hand, was running against their 1st stringers and making them look silly. And he dropped his shoulder at the end of most runs to get the extra yard, so it's not like he's afraid of contact.

As for the import rule, there is an entire thread devoted to that topic. See my response there.

He still wouldn't get any touches behind Walker and Cobourne. There isn't much of a market for a "big bruising power runner" in this league.

It is tough to see Brezik cut due to the number of RBs we have in camp. He may have not been running against the Argo starters, but he still impressed with his power runs. Walker was impressisve, and we know that Cobourne is solid (particularly at blocking, which I think we will need with the current O-Line), Grant had a good showing last year, and let's not forget we also have Mallett on the 9 game IR. The only thing I question regarding this decision is, which of these guys would you like in your backfield when you need 1 yard on the goal line, or on those short yardage plays (something we have been awful at for far too long)? Which of these backs gives you a different look? If he is fast enough, I would answer Brezik to both these questions.

While the Ti-Cats do have a lot of running backs available on their roster, and I respect their decision to let Brezik go at this time, I have a hard time believing he may not have fit into the overall scheme a little better. Do you want to have 4 backs that look similar, or two backs that need to be defended differently. I would prefer to have a little more diversity. Maybe this is because I am a bigger fan of the 2 back set than what we have seen over previous years where is appears that teams gear more toward the catch and run offense. I still like to see two backs when you need 2 or 3 yards, instead of a feature back that the opposition can key on. It allows for more deception, and better blocking schemes.

Oh, and as far as there not being a market for a "big bruising power runner" in this league, remember that the next time you're watching Cory Boyd dominate some teams this year. Although it is a little less of a factor with a few more domed stadiums used in the playoffs, the power running game would definately be a factor in cold games during the playoffs.

Hopefully this guy finds himself on our PR and who knows, maybe something transpires to give him a chance to play. I just doubt it will happen if he is cut this early. I hate to see us cut players in an area where we have depth. Unfortunately the size of the CFL roster can make this difficult.


I had to read this over and over again because I couldn't believe it. You need 1 yard and you're taking Berezik over Avon Cobourne?!?!?

Hamilton was pretty good at the short-yardage stuff last year. Porter had eight rushing touchdowns and I can only think of one off the top of my head that wasn't from one yard out (the run against the Als on Labour Day). I also recall it being mentioned that Hamilton was among the best at picking up first downs on 2nd or 3rd and 1 in 2011.

Also, if I need a back to get me one yard in a pinch, there are few, in any, I'd take over Cobourne.

I'd like to see the stats on success for each team on second and short, but from what I recall in the 1 to 3 yard range, the Ti-Cats were not good last year or the year before. What I recall seeing time after time was a QB in the shot gun and the single back set. By the time the exchange is made the opposition's defense knows where the ball is going and Cobourne or Cobb were lucky to get past the line of scrimmage. Porter is great when the distance is under a yard, and I was pretty good at the goal line plunges. I was maybe a little off on that statement, but I still recall some issues with short yardage plays. Do I really think Berezik is a better player than Cobourne based on part of a pre-season game? Nope, but this guys potential may be worth looking at. I think you may agree if he were an NI, he would probably not be cut, as he is more like a prototypical fullback.


I'm old, so memory is not my strong point. But, as I recollect, Cobourne was pretty good on the second and short yardage plays. I recall a lot of compliments on this forum last season in that regard.

Personally, I would rather stay with the player I know and who has a track record than bring in someone who you have only seen for a short period of time. Therefore, Cobourne would be my choice.

That is possible. But if he were a non-import, and if the team actually wanted a traditional fullback (which for some bizarre reason the team doesn't seem to want), then he'd be up against players like Fournier (my top choice), Stephenson, and D. Brown. Wait, scratch that last one; Brown wouldn't be in the running as a traditional fullback.

Bottom line. The team (unfortunately) doesn't seem to be looking for a traditional fullback. And even if they were, they would only be looking for non-imports, which Berezik isn't.

Avon has to be one of the toughest players in the league, to spend nine years at RB in the CFL you have to be one tough SOB. Avon 's durability has to be one of his strongest points and play at a high level, I'm not sure why we let him go , in my book anyway. :thup: