Down Goes Cogeco

I was looking forward to watching the Cat- Peg game tonight but our cable provider is down more often than Chuck Wepner. The Bayonne Bleeder had fewer cuts than Cogeco .

If the service is not back up by game time, I will organize the villagers in a march to the town square where there will be much harrumphing and angst displayed by torch bearers. We’ll go all " Young Frankenstein" on the monsters who screwed up our game.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Don’t forget the pitchforks. Not a real rabble without the pitchforks.

(Harrumphing is a nice touch - shows you’re serious.)

This would never happen if Rod Black was president of Cogeco. :wink:

f Cogeco tv stell down

Can the game be found online? I have Cogeco for TV but not for internet.

The TSN app should work, but I think it’s $20/mo.

The TSN website streams the game, and if Cogeco is one of their partners, you should be able to sign in with your Cogeco id and password (assuming you have one). A lot of ifs there, but worth a try.

That is terrible about Cogeco.

Anybody know how to stream the game. Agent Pewds used to stream it on you tube, but that stream can not be found.

Unfortunately Cogeco and TSN dont have a contract anymore to do that. You used to he able to stream TSN on the TSN site but all the other cable companies except Cogeco do it. I called Cogeco and they said many people dont use the service and it was too expensive for them to so they cancelled it. What bull!!

Love the Chuck Wepner reference PatLynch ?

I have found that Cogeco is not. at times, a fan of the CFL. Tonight’s reception was horrible. I have also found that Cogeco can choose NOT to televise a CFL game. Last season the Niagara Falls edition of Cogeco did not pick up a couple of Alouette games. This year it did fail to televise the first Als game. I have learned that a fan of the Als here cannot expect to see all games from cogeco. I have learned that channel 730 which I receive here in Niagara Falls may decide not to broadcast a game. Cogeco channel 416 is a more reliable source for CFL games. Better to have a bird in hand to ensure games will be televised.

  1. Same crap with Cogeco last night. Watched the Argo game then was waiting for TiCat game to
    come on and it never did !!! Also several other regular stations were off.

Listened on the radio and heard Morrealle say that he had heard that all cogeco customers were
without the broadcast of the game.

Thanks Niagara Als for that tip re channel 416 !!!

I just called cogeco to complain about it and was told the wait time was 20-30 minutes…crap to that and crap to them too. ??? ??? ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Bell Fibe was working.

I thought 416 had Tennis on when I looked at it. All other TSN channels in that part of the dial were blank! I switched to something else before Half Time. Was this a TSN problem, or a Cogeco one?

Bell satellite worked fine also. There are 5 TSN channels. On TSN1 the Argos game overlapped the Cats game from 9 to 9:30. So I switched it to TSN3.

I’m not sure how Cogeco can lose the feed of all TSN channels but other providers are unaffected?

I watched on TSN3/Cogeco.