Dougies BACK...

...Great news to hear today that Doug Brown has decided to play another season...I don't know what we'd do if he decided to pull the pin this year...Guess we'll have to face it 'sometime' ...but i got a feeling he might decide to stay with the club into the 2012 season, when the team moves into the new stadium....Good on you Mr. Brown :thup: :rockin: GoBigBlue..

Definitely good news, Papa. It will be a sad day when Mr. Brown decides to retire.

Glad to hear the news on Doug Brown. :thup:

Always nice to see a top-end Canadian talent come back for another season. Doug Brown: great player, class act. :thup:

Excellent. Hope he stays for 2012 to play in the new stadium too.

Love Doug, he's obviously a great player and a key member of our D, despite his advancing age for a player at such a grinding position. He's been the bombers most outstanding canadian 5 years in a row now I believe. Does that speak to just how good Doug is though or the lack of a quality Canadian elsewhere on the roster to challenge him for the title? Is there anyone on the roster now that could challenge him for most outstanding canuck?