Dough from Yo

Yo Murphy of the Renegades will donate $100 to the Ottawa Boys & Girls Club, matched by Minto, for every first down catch made at home this season. What a classy guy. It's guys like this who are good for the game by doing stuff like this for the community they play in.

...........that's pretty cool...........not really related but still worth mentioning, the Stamps Owners have donated 1500 tickets for Friday's game to the emergency workers involved in the recent spate of floods experienced here in the Calgary Area.............

Good to see Players and Owners getting involed in their CFL communities

Good move.
A.C. does the same here for every TD toss and I think that CJAD(radio station) matches it.
It also goes to the boys and girls clubs

thats awsome, the most charitable and classiest guy in the cfl in my opinion is mr. pinball clemons