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Bombers' Thanksgiving forecast: small crowd, big game

By: Gary Lawless 11/10/2009 5:05 PM


I wonder if Doug Brown thinks the Cats pulled another caper on them
like the 'cold water in the change room' incident a few years ago.

The fans think the Cats pulled this off to get even for spying on them.

The Bombers arrived in Hamilton early Sunday afternoon

only to find their team bus had gone astray

and many of the players’ rooms, including
coach Mike Kelly, were not ready.

"You guys have been around lots of football teams
where players would arrive to this kind of situation

and they’d be using all kinds of words
you can’t say on TV," commented Kelly.

"Our guys are all smiling and taking it in stride.

That’s the disposition of this football team
and that’s why I like being around them so much."

Get this comment from one particular Winnipeg fan.


Posted by:Bomber fan of Cal Murphy

October 12, 2009 at 8:15 AM

OK so the hotel did not keep our registered guest rooms

and the bus lines did not keep our
appointment for a TO airport pickup. should be notified of
the names of these culprits.

Even if it was lunatic fan who cancelled the times,

they should have verified with the team
at the contact number given.

The only thing I can say is Classless

and Kevin Glenn and Porter should have the targets
put on them for the team to get retribution.

Kevin Glenn would love to stick it to us in particular

as well as our ex defensive linemen
that stuck it to us at contract time.

No love loss,

go out and show them the love
WBB players and coaching staff.

Spygate was an overblown BS way

for Bel-laugh-fun-tay to get people against our loved team.

Take no prisoners boys we have no love here.

They should have just had their spy who would have already been in Hamilton make sure everything was ready for the team. The Rooms, the bus and the Hamilton playbook.

A lot of wind blowing in the Peg right now. ( “We’re going to waffle them” ) :smiley: :oops:

Winnipeg always seems to be spouting nothing but hot air, if they could just turn their heads to the east we'd have summer all year long.

8) I've said all along that Winnipeg fans make even Argo fans tolerable !!
  Just go to a game sometime in Winnipeg, or even Edmonton, and you will find out why !!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

LMFAO... great on 15!!