Doug Flutie's Maximum Football is about to

...make a big announcement right about now. 16-04-20

And here it is!

The deal with Canuck play hopefully will see a real CFL game .

Not sure why the CFL doesn't licence it; if they are allowed quality control before signing off .

They need a game on all platforms it's 2020 .

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Lots of CFL looks in the screenshots. I tried the 2017 version of the game, but It wasn't for me. I'm willing to try it again in September when the 2020 version is released.

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The 2017 game that was released received some bad reviews with players not catching the ball and game play over all not up to standards .

The stadiums looked authentic CFL .

Hope you do a full review here after you try it out .

If it's on Steam I will likely buy it immediately when it's released.

This would be the issue; but I’ll reach out now to make contact. :slight_smile:


Its been getting better each year, but it is moving towards primarily being a college football game. With Doug Flutie on board, that is the direction of most of the development.

I don't think they will move back to a CFL only game, since most of the attention they are getting now is for the US college aspect.

They must be getting some traction now, as the first year, it was a 2 person company with 1 person doing most of the developing and getting an Intern in for a few months. Now it appears they have 5-6 people working.

I think the chance to have a CFL game being developed at least by this group is done. Too bad, as their initial intent was to bring something out for Canadian football fans.

tough to blame the developers.

heck, college football has what, 50x's the market that CFL has?

makes sense if they want to succeed.

I don't think they're going to totally eschew the CFL game. One of the marketing points of this game is its customization ability.

This also bodes well for Mac users, and makes the game ideal for Steam since the Unity engine was originally for MacOS and now supports 25 platforms. It's a brilliant collaboration.