Doug Flutie's Maximum Football 2019 Video Game

As reported by 3 Down Nation on Sept 27.
This new game for XBOX & PS4 systems.
It includes CFL , NFL , & CFL teams & players like Madden Football
Only Fluties verion also not only includes CFL players past and present.
It also includes a setup for CFL rules. As well as NCAA & NFL modes. To play

Check it out

I am not at all into xbox and such, but anything about Doug Flutie does interest me some. If only my son was into sports games, I would get him to try it.

Lol. Good for him. Better to be out and active than hrs on a video game.
But for kids who do play. It is a great way to get them interested in CFL.
Like adults that bet, play pools, & Fantasy

oh I wish.

The most out and active he is is his job as a RR engineer.

He spends way too much time playing tech games, and has for the last 10 years. However, he is into mostly real time strategy and war games and I don’t know what else. Not sports tho. At least I don’t think so. I should ask him.

Oh gotha. Computer type games & activities arent all bad. Many do stimulate thinking, Startegy, and problem solving.
The Tech Programs he is using seems to be doing that.
Im a school teacher. So there is a difference between that & 10 hrs of mind numbing games.
My son is in 8th grade now and is extremely active in sports. Always looking to be on the go.
But sometimes wen its 10 below and there is no action going on in a gym.
He does like his PS4 on those days.
I do alot of coaching too
But so are many.
So its all him to have a nice balance

That’s awesome.

Yes it really is! I know it was reported just a few days ago.
In just one of the many 3down nation articles. I cant beleive it wasnt a big thing this wknd on TSN during Cfl broadcast by broadcasters & Pannel at half time.
As well as not be mentioned in all of the post game radio shows

Talk about something CFL teams could bring to the game day experience. With a section of the stadium set up with The Flutie Maximum.
Like an arcade with plenty if Xbox or PS4 players.
Also, how great would it be to have a huge section for this on Grey Cup Week in a location.

Is XBOX for TV play while PS4 is for personal computer play? Does PS4 work on a Mac?

Are you saying that Madden Football also includes CFL teams?

But I see that 27 Canadian teams are an “option” in the Flutie game. Meaning the standard game does not come with those teams but those teams can be added on at a cost?

Should I assume that there are 9 CFL teams plus 18 more teams? Are the Western Mustangs, Waterloo Warriors and McMaster Marauders included? How about the London Lords, Sarnia Imperials, Toronto Balmy Beachers, Hamilton Wildcats, Windsor Rockets, Kitchener-Waterloo Dutchmen and the Sarnia Golden Bears?

Past players? How many of these favourites of mine from decades past does it include?

Bummer Stirling
Huck Welch
Annis Stukus
“Indian” Jack Jacobs
Ulysses Curtis
Bernie Custis
Jackie Parker
Normie Kwong
Johnny Bright
Kenny Ploen
Leo Lewis
Gerry James
Charlie Shepard
Ernie Pitts
Dick Shatto
Dave Mann
Chester “Cookie” Gilchrist
Sam Etcheverry
Hal Patterson
Cam Fraser
Tommy Joe Coffey
Ron Stewart
Willie Fleming


Please don’t set this up in a stadium. While I get the developers are trying, the game looks 10+ years old. Would be embarrassing. There’s a reason the CFL didn’t want to associate with this in the first place.

This is the 3rd version of this game.
2 years ago they made a game called “Canadian Football”
Last year they added american rule versions in their game, “Maximum Football”
This year they had Doug Flutie come on Board for the latest version.

Every year it gets better. However, because its not licensed, it is team colours, and stadiums that are similar to CFL stadiums.
Its developed by Canuck Play. Considering the limited investors they have done bad for an independent.

Still can play canadian rules, but they are moving more to the NCAA unlicensed focus with Doug Flutie coming on to support. They have improved the animation each year, but have mostly focused on the college game in new version.

Its got a ways to go but US college football fans seem pretty happy they have something to play.

I have supported it the last couple of years, so I could play something on a canadian field and at least the look of CFL teams and stadiums.

If you are used to playing independent developed games, you will enjoy. If you only have played EA developed games that have been developed for 30 years, then no, it will probably bug you.

I find that Madden with no competitor has stagnated, and you can buy a game every 2-3 years without much difference.

I am curious to see how this game grows, now that it has some investors supporting them

Why is it not licenced by the CFL?


I keep wondering whether the licencing fees that the CFL demands are too high and constitute an impediment to CFL premiums and other promo items appearing in the marketplace. Does anyone have any insight in this regard?


This was discussed in an older thread about a CFL video game, but if I were the CFL I wouldn’t want to license this game. You can definitely do damage to your brand by associating with a subpar product. Slapping your name on an uninspiring video game isn’t going to win kids over. It’s going to make them think the league is way, way, way out of touch.

The CFL should do it even for a charity off shoot but It’s the CFLPA that should fight for it and use the money for whatever benefit they need .

Is Madden NFL a good or better video game in your opinion?


The CFL should licence product for next to nothing just for the promotional value.

It’s like comparing the latest Marvel movie to a student film.

The games are lightyears apart in quality.

Marvel movies? Me I’m counter culture. The main focus of my comic collecting is Silver Age DCs going back to the late 1950’s.


Incidentally, how do you rate arcade games such as Centipede, Crazy Taxi and Hydro Racer?

And how come this old fart Madden doesn’t have a Madden CFL game on the market? Is he just fat and lazy?


Alot of things im unsure of as im not a gamer anymore lol.
But the little info i have.
Like Madden. Flutie Maximum can be played on either XBox or PS4 game systems. Its not a computer game Mac etc.
The 27 teams from the Cfl side is exactlty like madden NFL. You have current teams. As well as retro teams & players from the past. Hense why they highlighted Flutie running in a TD in Argos uniform.
As for all the previous CFL inceptions for XBoX and PS 3 or 4.
I dont think any of them actually made it to the market to buy.