Doug Flutie's drop kick PAT

That was the first successful drop kick in the NFL since 1941. The announcers said that he didi this in the CFL. Got a question for all the CFL history fans, how many times has he drop kicked in the CFL. Belichik says they have been practicing that play in practice. He is the most exciting player of all time. How many players can play like he does at age 43. There is no doubt in my mind that he would still be dominant in the CFL. I believe this will be his last year in the NFL. I was hoping he would play again north of the border, but i think his wife is concerned about his health. This is Dougies's last harrah, what better than giving him a Super Bowl championship to add with the grey cups

I dont think he ever did one in the CFL, but i do know he
use to practice it alot.

Good for him.

Could someone post a video link of it? That's great news! Now it's time for somebody in the CFL to do a drop kick!

Doug will be back next year, in the CFL and with the Gades. I agree he still has it and not just because of the drop kick. I wouldn't be surprised if he played another 1-2 years.

I don't remember him ever doing it in the CFL; perhaps the announcers were just making up facts? :wink: I don't remember them saying anything about that, though (I was watching CBS). Anyway, it was nice that they mentioned the CFL, without the phrase "in exile", to boot! And they even showed a shot of him with the Argos! (They couldn't go to the trouble to show him with the Lions and Stamps, even though they showed each of his NFL teams, but I guess you can't have it all). Anyway, what a great play! KK, I expected you to be all over this :wink:
Sounded like the announcers also considered him going back to Canada ... they kept saying that this was likely his last year in the NFL, as opposed to his last year ever ...
Way to go Flutie! Great play :smiley:

ive been watching the score waiting for the highlights, and havent caought a glimpse of this game yet...

I just saw flutie's drop kick. Amazing!!! So cool that his coach let him try it!! A perfect finish to doug's career though would be for Brady to get hurt in the Super Bowl- then - Flutie come in and lead the Patriots to victory. Hometown boy, or should I say old man, makes good!!! (Flutie is from the New England area!!!)
Long Live Flutie!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to see Flutie play most of the game, but Matt Cassel is the future backup so they gave him more reps. I can understand why they left him in the game he was starting to make plays out there. Belichick after the game was asked by the media if Brady goes down, presumebly he will go with Flutie, and Belichick stopped the reporter dead in his tracks and said we go with the player that will help us win most. Belichick is a hard coach to read, but after that statement i think if Brady goes down it will be Matt Cassel, not Doug Flutie that starts. The media also thought that when Drew Bledsoe got hurt it would be Damon Huard, not Tom Brady that starts.

I honestly think this is Doug's last year in the NFL. I give it a 20% chance of returning to the CFL. He is well established in New England, and has a ton of money. In less than 2 years he will be able to collect his NFL retirement check. I also believe that it's pointless for him to return to Canada he won enough grey cups. Doug wife says that when he was younger she didn't worry about him getting hurt, now that he older she says she scared when he is out there. The only way he returns to Canada is if he still wants to be the main attraction, and anyone who knows Doug knows he has a big ego, his wife approves.


I was trying to find a video of the drop kick and found this link to Sport Illustrated from 1998

[url=] ... nfootball/[/url]

I was watching the Fins at Pats game. I was amazed when Flutie performed the dropkick for the one.

Turkeybend: Let's not forget that Flutie played for Boston College (the other BC); which is why he's popular there.

who thinks flutie will be back in the CFL next year????

that was a good way to go out for Flutie…kudos to Belichek and The Pats organization…

I couldn't find the Flutie dropkick (which I already saw and will be on this weeks plays of the weeks). But what I did find was the top ten Flutie moments. Go to (you'll have to log in or register) then go to the audio/video section and then click on the top ten to play the video.

Flutie has a big ego? Either I haven't paid attention enough, or have misjudged him ...

That kick was so ugly. They're just lucky it was only 20 yards cause it only went up in the air about 20 feet.

Trust me, I can do it better.

Hopefully I don't sound too stupid by asking this, but what is a dropkick?

If I remember correctly, its an old rugby type kick. You drop the ball and as it touches the ground or bounces, you kick it through the uprights.

Here is the link to the actual kick of Flutie’s

This is a link to an interesting bit about dropkicking in the NFL. Some good hisorical footage.

Hope these links work (this is my first post on here)

(apparently I couldn’t figure it out… :oops: , here is the link to the search that has BOTH of these links on it…)

[url=] ... &duration=[/url]

just copy and paste, then post the webpage mate, like this:

[url=,GGLG:2005-34,GGLG:en&q=javascript%3Amp%2Eplay%28%27video%2Dbrowse%27%2C%27pmmsid%3A1447704%27%29%3B] ... 4%27%29%3B[/url]