Flutie magic for 'Gades?

They first worked together for Donald Trump's New Jersey Generals of the USFL in 1985.

Twelve years later, they were reunited as Toronto Argos for what became a wildly successful championship ride.

Could Doug Flutie and John Jenkins get back together -- this time as quarterback and coach of the Ottawa Renegades -- in 2006?

If Flutie, the 43-year old backup with the New England Patriots, considers returning to Canada to finish his career as more than a clipboard holder, then yes, it is a distinct possibility.

"If Doug Flutie is interested, I think any GM or coach in the CFL would have an interest in him," 'Gades GM Forrest Gregg said yesterday. "If he was interested in coming back to this league, I promise you we would talk."

Jenkins was Toronto's offensive co-ordinator when Flutie ran-and-shot the Argos to a 15-3 season that saw him throw 47 touchdown passes and win the Grey Cup. That 1997 campaign was Flutie's last in the CFL, ending an eight-year run that earned him not just an eventual spot in the league's Hall of Fame but also recognition as one of the greatest QBs Canada has ever seen.

Gregg said he wouldn't be turned off by Flutie's age, and points to a certain 42-year-old most outstanding player in Toronto as reason why.

"Damon (Allen) had a pretty decent year, didn't he?," said Gregg. "I'm 72 and I still put in a good day of work. I feel at 43, (Flutie) can still play some football yet."

But the Renegades remain adamant about signing starting quarterback Kerry Joseph to a long-term deal.

"We're starting new, and we'd like to have a quarterback that's going to be here for two or three years," said Gregg.

Could this be a possibility or Brennan had nothing else to write about or knock the CFL, which he is famous for.

I think Fluite wants a Superbowl with New England.

Who knows, nothing surprises me anymore.

What if NE wins the Super Bore and then decides not to bring Doug back, or Doug really wants to end his career as he always said having fun in the CFL. With Darren Flutie as a receiver. Also, it looks like the Gleiberguys are not afraid of spending $, re today's Heibert super signing.

...didn't we hear this story at the beginning of the 05 season....they can't even decide on the Joseph day he's the GUY day he's on the trading block... but I guess Flutie could be signed tomorrow....they had a million for Kyrie.... :lol:

The thing about Flutie though, according to Darren it was very very close to Doug coming back to the CFL last year. The deciding edge was NE and him living in the Boston area. Plus, the Gleiberguys would probably give Doug $1M+ per year . I know its nothing more then a rumour, but what would this do to rikindle interest.

This story has been floating around....While surfing the older posts there were a few "Flutie is comming here" stories. I think on page 52 or 53 Hamilton was laying claim to Flutie.

Not a chance. First you would have to look at his situation in the NFL for sure which at best is a bench warmer. Two he would not want to work for another owner like that in Ottawa. He was stiffed already by one and does not want that to happen again. Not going to happen!

This is never going to happen. How bored is this guy?? He is a backup for the 3 time super bowl champs right now. He doesn't take any hits just stands with a clip board. I went to the New England v. Jets game last week and his jersey is the hottest seller. You should hear the applause they give him when he goes out to warm. He obviously took the job in New England, because it is close to home, and i' am sure they will give him a job with a sportstation on game days when he retires. Play in front of 20,000 and take hits, or just run out and warm up in front of 70,000 cheering fans. What if Brady gets hurt than he will get his chance, for a playoff bound team. I think if this was to happen then he would retire at the end of the season. Take into condideration he is probably making more money now than he would in the CFL.

Don't take what i' am saying as CFL bashing, because i would like to see him finish his career up there. There is no bigger Flutie fan than myself. He put my favorite college team on the map with Boston College. Then winning the Heisman, becomes successful in the CFL, comes back a rejuvenates Buffalo(by the way one of the worst moves Buffalo made is getting rid of him for Rob Johnson), now he's with us. He is a football legend in Mass. He inspires everyone in the area that says your too short, you're not big enough, to slow, but when it comes down to it it's all about the heart of the player. His nephew just signed with Boston College, obviouly because of Doug, and believe it or not they say the same thing about his nephew, he's supposedly too skinny. Hopefully i get to see Doug this week after we blow Buffalo out. I think he has getting into the game in the back of his mind.

Before every Boston College game they show the pass against the Hurricanes, to win the Heisman. Flutie is New England, he respresents the kind of people in the area. Tough, hard working, and refusing to quit. Look at Red Sox fans they packed the house even when they stunk, and same with the Patriots.

Good info Peter, well said. I had no idea Flutie still garnered that much attention in New England. Neat, love this guy to death, a gamer all the way! Someone who just never, ever gives up despite people saying he isn't big enough, doesn't have a strong enough arm, is too old... Buffalo should have never given up on him, idiot owner there.

Everything you said is true about Doug. Except one thing, his competative juices are always flowing no matter what sport he plays. Thats why if Doug feels he has maybe 1-2 years left(eg Damon Allen) and he does not feel like holding a clipboard or NE releases him, then and according to Darren he will go back to the CFL.

You obviously know Doug. He's a competitor.

I hope Doug comes back, Pats sucks this season and I hope they don't make it to the super bowl AGAIN! this season.

wasn't Doug with the Pats when they won last year?

Let's not forget that Doug got the Bills back to the playoffs three years in a row and yet they trade him to San Diego. Sounds like he still gets no respect from the nfl.

In the Pats defense they played by far the hardest league schedule, and i for one hope they win it again this season. Pats will clinch the division with a win and a Miami loss.

It's all about the playoffs.

No he played for San Diego.

If Flutie came back to Canada, he'd be playing in front of crowds a helluva lot bigger than 20,000 ... I can guarantee you that ...

If the Pats win again, then the NFL is a bush league, and I hope my Dolphins kick the Pats butts!

I hope that a team that hasn’t won the Super Bowl before wins it!


douggie got some time in the final minutes of the pats/bills game today...looked sharp but his recivers dropped the perfect passes in teh snowy weather.

I have noticed (being an ex Bills fan) that they have know.....BLEW CHUNKS ever since they traded Doug away.....concidence???? :roll: I think not!!

Alright thats it. Doug a Patriot and he's going to retire a Patriot. Did you hear the chant at the Bills game today?? FLUTIE, FLUTIE, FLUTIE. Did you see Brady limping? I think Doug wants to win a Super Bowl, he has enough Grey Cups, and mvp's.

Kanga convince me why he should at age 43 finish in the CFL? Look at the hits McManus put up with.

the people chanting ...flutie flutie flutie....were the canadians who travel to buffalo for bills games.