Doug Flutie, Pinball and Mike Pringle going to Hall of Fame

Here's the article:

I think these decisions were easy. Flutie is one of the best CFL QBs to ever lace em up. He guided the Argos to back 2 back Grey Cups. Pinball is the classiest guy in CFL history and was one hell of a player. And Pringle is a 2000 yard rusher.

Fine choices. Should be a wonderful gala on the night they enter.

Took em long enough.

I am still amazed that Darren got to the Hall of Fame before Doug

only cause Doug Played Longer NFL & CFL.

Wow, hard to pick who will garner the most limelight with that trio of all-time greats!

Thats an all-star trio if ever there was one!

shouldnt be pringle. Pinball by far the nicest and most popular, but Flutie way out in front in talent.

To quote CKNW's Sportscaster last night:

"You can HEAR Pinball smiling during that interview."

Good selections. :thup: :thup: :thup:

Read about this a couple days ago. Like everyone else has already said, good selections. Congrats to both of them.

Congrats to all! Did anyone notice who saw a clip of an interview with Pringle that the guy's traps are still huge where the shoulders and neck all seem to be one? I wonder if he still lifts weights to be like this as he was during his playing days?

The original trio announced is a good group--don't know when 3 better choices went in in the same year.
But let's give out some props for John Bonk,

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and Tom Shepherd as well,

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Also very good choices. To bad Tom is a Hab's fan, or he might have got in sooner....