Doug Flutie on TV Today in Philadelphia

Doug Flutie was at golf outing somewhere in New England today, and he was being interviewed about his 21 year career in Professional Football. The person doing the interviewing asked him about his toughest times in professional football and he related it to be his couple of years with the Chicago Bears right out of college because their numbering systems for plays and what they call their plays is backward from what everybody else does. He said this made it alot more difficult than it should have been.
When asked about his most memorable moments in his career, he said the Hail Mary pass to Gerard Phelan when at Boston College to beat Bernie Kosar and Miami, and the drop kick in his last year with the New England Patriots.
Finally, Doug was asked about the best times he's had playing Professional Football, and without hesitation he said the two years he played for the Toronto Argonauts when they won two consecutive Grey Cups. He said the group of guys he played with were the best group of guys he ever played with, and those two years were the most fun he had playing professional football. He even mentioned Pinball, saying they have stayed friends and they still talk on the phone on occasion. I was really impressed with Doug's honesty, and I just wanted to pass this information along to all the forum posters.

this midget is on tv too much, he needs to fade into the sunset, enough with the self-promotion.

To Playmaker 88:

Some midget. Only named CFL MVp umpteenth times. Pro Bowl Selection as QB in NFL. Leads Boston College to # 1 ranking after upsetting miami in his last college game. Played pro ball until he was 40. What accomplishments do you have to match this you bonehead. Some midget all right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Flutie deserves to be in the limelight after such a stellar career. He proved a little man can be BIG in pro and college football.
'nuff said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you should do the same

the midget ruined the lockeroom in buffalo, he caused a rift between teammates over the entire qb battle with rob johnson. I lived in Buffalo during that time period, and flutie was different behind the scenes, i used to work at the bills practice facility, and flutie was smug, arrogant, and rude to other teammates, flutie puts on a different face on camera to have a fake perception of himself.


nope i said i lived in buffalo, i never said i was from there, i only went to school down south.

Well, under the import rule, that makes you an import! :lol:

To Playmaker 88,All i have to say about Doug Flutie is the man does nothing but praise the CFL and his playing years up here & he's nothing but a class act in my eyes. :thup:

lionsdude: You may have hit the reason playmaker88 hates Doug Flutie so much.

chill out, if you love that midget with his mullet, i dont care, i know you all wanna kiss him, just chill with the flutie talk. Enough is enough, he's retired, he hasnt played in the cfl for 10 years, so its obvious he doesnt care about the game, he has played so long in the cfl, yet he has never offered to give back.

you are a bald faced liar.

why dont you call brad riter of WGR 550 AM in Buffalo, New York, and he will tell you everything. Brad hosts a show in the evenings and will notify you of the drama flutie caused in Buffalo's lockeroom. You can also contact Chuck "The Coach" dickerson, and he will vouch also.

Are those credible reporters or are you slinging more bull than McMahon has in the past couple of weeks?

There are just as many people who defended Flutie during the great FlutieJohnson debates. The ones who spoke this crap against him are all liars if they claim first hand knowledge andor idiots if they just beleiving and repeating what others say. Johnson was the cancer. I spent many hours and hundreds of postings on this subject during its happening, on both and I heardread it all, and in the end, my side won, Flutie went on to success in SD with nobody having issue with him there, at least nobody of note. Whereas Rob Johnson soon proved himself to be the NFL version of Ted White.

I repeat, any negative thing you say you personally witnessesheard from Flutie is a lie and you are an immature, demented, angry, CFL hating Liar who should get lost.

sounds like you love flutie too much. Rob Johnson went on to win a superbowl ring with the bucs, and flutie went on to be backup, and be known for doing a drop kick. Let's see which would you rather have a super bowl ring or a drop kick? ill take the ring, and ease up on the flutie love, i know you have man-crush on him, but its a little too much. Also Brad Riter is a credible reporter.

sounds like your another one of argos_bills personalities.

and a troll who lives under a bridge with his "always invisible" status...

But he won that super bowl as a back-up to Brad Johnson.

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