Doug Flutie meets with Gliebermen**********

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Former CFL quarterback Doug Flutie was spotted at Super Bowl XL with Ottawa Renegades majority owner Bernie Glieberman on Sunday.

Glieberman confirmed yesterday that he invited Flutie and his brother, Darren, to his private luxury box at Ford Field, but denied that the discussion revolved around football.

"What I'm trying to show Doug is what he needs to do after football," said Glieberman, adding he talked to Flutie about a job with his building company, Michigan-based Crosswinds Communities. "I think, when Doug retires, he wants to get into broadcasting but it is good for him to know what is out there."

Flutie, 43, remains under contract with the NFL's New England Patriots until next month, when he becomes a free agent. Should the Renegades want to explore Flutie's interest in returning to the CFL, tampering rules prevent them from talking to him until March 2.
It is unclear if Flutie wants to play football next season, but, if he chooses to continue, the Renegades would surely take a run at the former Heisman Trophy winner and six times the CFL's outstanding player.

bolded explains the bogus reasoning for thier conversation.

The only thing Lonnie is building right now is an overpaid football team.

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When the CFL free-agency period begins in nine days, sources say Hamilton will go all out to sign running back Josh Ranek and centre George Hudson of Ottawa; B.C. middle linebacker Barrin Simpson and Edmonton receiver Jason Tucker. Collectively the four could cost at least $600,000 -- assuming the Tiger-Cats land them all ... Former University of Nebraska quarterback Eric Crouch will work out for the Argos tomorrow ... Montreal has signed receiver/returner Demetris Bendross.

If Flutie goes to Ottawa, it can only help stir up some interest in the franchise ...

Where there is smoke there is fire. I hope so for the Gleibs as the possibility of Flutie may create a buzz and new fans.

now if THAT doesnt draw crowds in ottawa, then they ARE DOOMED...and we can ALL say ' move the Gades to Quebec'

that should do draw people out to see the gades, but I think Doug will become a permanate commentaor in CBC when he retries and/or have a posistion with the Ottawa manament.

I think Doug Flutie still wants to play football somewhere for one more year or two, I don't know. If he does play in Ottawa, I wonder if it would be in a backup role as backup/qb or off coord coach, I don't know. Should be interesting. A Flutie - Joseph combo could be lethal if Doug can still do it, and I think he can. Very difficult to defense agains't.

If he's still capable of starting or sharing a qb role with Joseph, I don't see why he wouldn't want to finish his career in Canada. I don't see him playing another year in the NFL as a 2nd or 3rd string qb.

if he comes back to the CFL, he wouldnt want to be anything less than number 1....not sharing or as backup...or he would just stay in NFL....

if the Gades signed him, im sure they'd trade KJ to sask...and get some players to help Flutie be a success.

…I like the ‘Tucker to Hamilton’ part…a lot…

You should red, it’s probably the only chance you guys have of getting out of the west…har har har. Ok, now go back and fish this post out should you guys smoke us this coming year!

Flutie coming to Ottawa could only help that team. And despite the "no tampering" rule, you KNOW they discussed Football on Sunday :wink:

I very much doubt that Hamilton will sign all four of those guys. I especially dont see them going after Simpson they are fine at middle linebacker with hitchcock. Hudson I dont see as a huge improvement on the offensive line from who they had before. Ranek they pretty much need to sign since Lumsden is tyring his luck with the NFL again. Tucker will likely sign in Edmonton but I would not be surprised to see Hamilton make a strong pitch for him since he already has chemistry with Maas

i agree..i dont see hamilton landing simpson or hudson....maybe ranek or tucker.

The big question is...are the Gliebermans serious? Or is this another Toga / Mardi Gras style stunt.

Thats it I've got it.

There going to dress Flutie in a toga sheet and have his wife lead Mardi Gras.

Sorry everyone...Slow day...vivid imagination.

The Gliebermans are serious IMO.

True Hamilton will not get all four, since these are probably the four best free agents available, but they will probably be in the hunt for all four. They'll probably get two...three at the most: Ranek for sure, probably Hudson, and maybe Simpson. I'd be amazed (and thrilled!) if they got Tucker.

Flutie in Ottawa, as #1, would be great news for the Renegades organization, but not great news for Kerry Joseph, whose best chance of making the team will be as the backup to a guy who hasn't played in this league in years, and hasn't taken many snaps in real game situations in almost as long. Add to that that his greatest strength in the CFL -- his scrambling ability -- has been severely hampered by both his age, and his time in the NFL, where that sort of play is not encouraged, like it is here.

Doug will not be able to single-handedly win games, as he did for Calgary and Toronto, and even for Buffalo. But he will attract attention, and he will sell tickets. For that reason, he will be the starter for a team that looks destined to be fighting for a playoff spot yet again.

York Report
Marty York

Marty York is one of Canada's most popular sports columnists with a track record for breaking big stories.
Published February 10, 2006

Flutie fiddling could cost ’Gades

The NFL is conducting an investigation to determine whether the owner of the Ottawa Renegades was guilty of tampering with a player under contract to the New England Patriots, football sources have told Metro.

Not just any player, either. Renegades owner Bernie Glieberman entertained Doug Flutie at his private luxury box last Sunday at Ford Field, where the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XL. Doug’s younger brother Darren, who is retired as a player and has spent the past two seasons as a colour commentator on CFL games for CBC, also spent the day in Glieberman’s box. And no problem with that. But Doug is on the Patriots’ payroll and does not officially become a free agent until early March. There’s an agreement between the CFL and NFL that clearly forbids CFLers from talking contract � and from even discussing what-if scenarios � with NFLers until they officially become free agents.

At 43, Doug Flutie almost certainly will become a free agent, and sources tell me he wouldn’t mind returning to the CFL to double as a quarterback and assistant coach under Ottawa’s new head coach, John Jenkins � as long as the ’Gades also sign Darren.

Darren ranks as one of the top receivers in CFL history, while Doug is generally viewed as the greatest player in the league’s history.

Doug played for the Argonauts when Jenkins was their offensive co-ordinator and when the team was setting records and winning Grey Cups in the mid-1990s. Sources tell me Jenkins believes Doug, even at his age, could improve the Renegades’ offence. The signing of the Fluties, of course, also would improve the Renegades’ attendance figures.

And so, yes, the club will pursue Doug (and Darren) diligently next month.

But the question is: Will the NFL come down hard on the CFL and Glieberman if it concludes in its investigation that the Ottawa owner tampered with Doug?

Glieberman insists he committed no wrongdoing and has been telling anyone who asks him that he spoke to Flutie about the idea of working for his construction company in Michigan, but NFL officials aren’t buying that. At least, not at this point.

There have been rumblings of Flutie’s return to Canada in the past but there appears to be substance to them now because his appeal to NFL clubs clearly has diminished. In the CFL, however, experienced players in their 40s can sometimes excel. Case in point: Argonauts quarterback Damon Allen, last year’s MVP and a year younger than Doug.

So don’t be surprised to see the Doug-and-Darren Show in Ottawa next season under Jenkins.

And don’t be surprised as well if Glieberman gets at least a slap on the wrist from the powers-that-be in both the NFL and CFL.

Marty York’s column appears Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

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well....if flutie signs with the Gades, then the gades should see an increase thier attendance, and hopefuly save that franchise.