Doug Flutie joins Dancing with the Stars

odd career move for him.....oh well, Vive la Flutie!

[b]CFL News ?@CFL_News
One of the #CFL all time greats, @DougFlutie, confirms via his twitter he'll be on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars." @DancingABC

CFL News ?@CFL_News
.@DougFlutie joins Dancing With the Stars #CFL via @Q107Calgary[/b]

hope von miller doesn't get mixed up and tackle flutie when he is doing his moves :lol:

IF flutie and Antonio brown are involved in the same group dance, may we see partner pass from flutie to brown :slight_smile:

Michael Sam va avoir de grosse compétition! :twisted:

LOL !!!! Back field in motion.........nice moves but bad "TECHNIQUE" Mikey :twisted: :lol:

So hows that football career going for ya anyway ????? :roll: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey it looks like Michael Sam’s NFL comeback is going well…Now THAT’S TECHNIQUE !!! :rockin: :cowboy: :stuck_out_tongue:

hmmm, does bobo have the secret hots for Mr. Sams??

:oops: :oops: :wink: :roll: :lol:

Having Doug Flutie on Dancing with the Star's ( not something I watch) is great for the CFL .

We can go from a never was good enough pre CFL player Michael Sam to a CFL legend in Flutie .

I doubt the people who actually vote and watch care about Flutie but it's still nice to be remembered none the less.