Doug Flutie HC Rumor!

I know it's unbelievable, but apparently if Charlie doesn't bring us a win on Monday, Doug Flutie is set to drop his work with ABC and come in to take over HC duties.


Sources would not disclose whether he has been in discussion with other struggling teams about returning to the CFL as a coach, but admitted that the Tiger-Cats have not been happy with the performance of Charlie Taffe.

Until Flutie is brought in, however, the Tiger-Cats will continue to do the best they can with what they have.

This would really surprise me. Not the coaching change per se, but more about making Doug Flutie the head coach. Yes, he has a tonne of CFL experience, and he would be great offensive mastermind, however, I don't believe he has any head coaching experience. Certainly not at the pro level. This team has made the mistake of going with rookie coaches before and have said that they will not do that again. I would rather see him come in as an offensive co-ordinator, teaming up with Danny Mcmanus to create what could be a lethal offensive coaching tandem.

I've never heard of, but I suspect Marty York works there.

Yeah guys... it's controversial and it seems crazy, but if you read the article you'll understand.

in the past, DF has stated clearly that he has no desire to coach whatsoever, except maybe for local high schools.

Hard to say if it could work.

Didnt work for lancaster first time round, but went ok for pinball.

As big a DF fan as I am, I dont think it would be good for him to jump right into HC. I also think it would be hard for him to do it so soon. He is so competitive that it would be hard for him to resist stepping on the field to show how it should be done. Specially when he could probably still do it better than many.

You're trying too hard.

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It's a small, harmless joke that's pretty common in a lot of circles online. Evidently, many of the people on this forum were not aware of the joke, and don't really understand it.

I wouldn't call it a banable offence.

people need to be able to trust links. A link must be what the author says it is. Its not funny when it isnt. Where do you draw the line on where the link goes?
Most forums have rules stating that the topic must be about the title.

This was just one small joke. Mods need to work on dealing with some of the utterly useless threads that get posted every day on here (expansion, NFL in Toronto, etc.), and the personal attacks, before dealing with small jokes like this one.

yeah, well, one persons joke is another persons anoyance. We have a forum marked off-topics for "jokes" like this.

This is the opposite view of what I read in an article last year. Flutie was quoted as saying he would like to be a head coach some day and would prefer to start in the CFL.
He would certainly increase the attention of Hamilton in the football world. Might even draw some Buffalo fans over to the games. He had a strong following in Buffalo.

Anybody dumb enough to bite on this piece of stupidity should be banned as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be a typical marketing move by Bob's Boy Wonders in the office: they could even have Doug jump out of Greg Frewin's magic box at half-time on Monday,and jog over to the sideline! And then have the 50-50 sellers pull out 2009 season tickets to sell. Brilliant!