Doug Flutie Documentary

[u]Doug Flutie’s CFL years given their due in documentary[/u] JOHN KRYK, QMI AGENCY

[b]- It’s finally Doug Flutie’s turn to be featured in the NFL Network’s outstanding biography series, A Football Life.

While some of these profiles are perhaps for completists only, or are to be savoured mainly by just yesteryear romantics, every football fan should make a point of seeing this one – especially CFL fans.

Doug Flutie: A Football Life debuts Friday night.

If you think his years in Canada – with the B.C. Lions from 1990-91, Calgary Stampeders from 1992-95 and Toronto Argos from 1996-97 – rate only cursory treatment in this special, you’ll be happy to learn otherwise.

Several of Flutie’s CFL teammates are interviewed, including Dave Sapunjis, his brother Darren Flutie, Pinball Clemons and Paul Masotti – as are then-Stamps owner Larry Ryckman and offensive coordinator John Hufnagel.

Amid many clips of his most stunning plays as a CFLer, we hear such plaudits as these from Ryckman:
“I truly believed he was the Wayne Gretzky of football."

Doug Flutie: A Football Life premieres Friday at 9 p.m. EDT on NFL Network. It re-airs three hours later, as well as Saturday at 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. EDT.[/b]

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Cool stuff. PVR is getting ready.

Already got it set up. Caught the last half of the last showing of the Warren Moon episode and while trying to see if it was on again saw the Flutie one Friday night.

The few episodes of this series that I have watched have all been excellent.
Having one on Doug Flutie, as a CFL fan, makes this a must-watch broadcast.

So, what's a PVR?
Some sort of new football analytics statistic? :wink:

You must have one. It allows you to quickly and easily fast forward past those annoying officials huddles after flags. Since I got mine I can watch a CFL game in under 3 hours. I hear you skip commercials too. :wink:

Yes… But make sure you also PVR the broadcast after the CFL game as well. All those annoying huddles by officials, and 5 minute challenges on iffy PI calls, makes the broadcast actually 3.5 hours…

I learned the hard way… there were several games that came down to the end, and poof… PVR finishes with 5 minutes left in the game because it goes over the original time slot… Grrrrrr

I watched the Warren Moon feature last week. A very good program, but not surprisingly glossed-over his CFL experience. They had a 30-sec. interview by Hugh Campbell and a couple of highlights and that was it. He went from Rose Bowl hero, undrafted in the NFL and poof, 6 years later he signed the largest contract in NFL history with 17 teams bidding for his services. The story would have been much more informative if they had explained how he gained experience in the CFL, being mentored by Tom Wilkinson, with Moon being pulled in the 2nd Q of the Grey Cup game, only to be re-inserted in the 3rd Q leading his team on to victory...forging his character in the pros. All that was not mentioned.

Looking forward to the Flutie segment. I can't see how they can downplay his CFL experience, after being drummed out of the NFL then coming to Canada and winning the MOP in six of his eight CFL seasons...smashing the record book and becoming the consummate QB which translated to his success in Buffalo (selected to the ProBowl and named NFL Comeback Player of the Year.) :thup:

The NFL glossed over his time, but Moon never forgot. His induction speech for the Hall Of Fame gave credit were credit was due. Looking forward to the Flutie show Friday.

Is that true? Largest contract ever at the time? I was a little young to remember that detail. But old enough to recall myself wondering about the connection with Campbell and Moon both joining Houston at the same time.

According to Wikipedia:

Following the 1982 season, Campbell left to become the head coach of the USFL's Los Angeles Express. After one season, the Houston Oilers who were bidding for the services of Warren Moon, hired him to become their head coach and help improve their chances of signing the coveted free agent. He served as head coach of the Oilers for the 1984 and 1985 seasons.
Usually a player gets a job because the coach likes him, not the reverse.

Moon’s NFL contract was reported as the biggest contract ever, up to that time (now the punters probably make more than that.) It was reported that 17 teams bid for Moon (which was matched by Cam Wake when he left for the NFL 25 years later.)

Moon’s NFL contract was also ground-breaking in that it was fully guaranteed, which was also a NFL first, I believe. Seattle matched the Oiler’s offer but refused to guarantee the deal (which was for $6 million over 5 years, if memory serves me correct). Moon wanted to sign in Seattle, but the Seahawks GM McCormick said he’d never guarantee a contract for any player, so Moon signed in Houston instead.

Hugh Campbell did OK as the Oiler coach but his undoing was his penchant for gambling on 4th and 1, which didn’t go over well down south. :wink:


Doug Flutie got the royal screw by Bufallo in one of the worst coaching decisions ever. Flutie had replaced an injured and ineffective Rob Johnson in Bufallo and led them to a 10-6 record into the playoffs on a winning streak. The Bills coaching staff apparently influenced by the owner started Johnson in the Playoff game against the Tenessee Titans. Johnson had a terrible first half yet Flutie never saw the field. The Bills came back but blew the game on the infamous miracle kick-off return which allowed the Titans to win the game. Flutie was the fan favourite in Buffalo and deserved to start that game as he got the Bill s into the playoffs. Tenesse came within a yard of winning the Super Bowl that year as well.
He was not given a fair shake in the NFL despite some great performances. Too bad he was judged on his size not his HEART!! :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Stop that turkey bend!!!!!!!!!!

You and I are not allowed to agree.

how does a turkey who draws so much attention to himself manage to survive every thanksgiving??

p.s. if you cant read this, it is because turkey's yelling hurt your ears :wink:

The Bills signed Rob Johnson for $25 million over 5 years only weeks after signing Flutie for $250k (with a $25k signing bonus which Flutie gave away to charity). Flutie made 4 times that much with the Argos. There was pressure from above to play Johnson despite Flutie leading the Bills to the playoffs. Dougie was inserted late in that "miracle" playoff game, driving the team into scoring position. But they got confused with the time-out and let the clock run out before they could get the final play off. I wouldn't feel too sorry for Flutie, with all the performance bonuses written into his contract, Dougie ended up making $2.3 million his first season in Buffalo, and had his contract renegotiated with that amount as his base salary for the next two seasons (which was a stipulation in his original contract terms).

Looking forward to the program! I don't have NFLN, but hopefully there will be a torrent available like there was for the Moon segment. :thup:

Thanks Xvys, I don’t know why I didn’t try that. D’Oh! I missed the first half of it but I got it downloading now. :rockin:

I Luved the part where Larry Ryckman was asked if he ever plans on paying Flutie the $700,000 he still owes him for playing for the Stamps and he replied something to the effect of " oh heck no" :lol: