Doug Brown to the power of

Jarome Haywood.

Listening to the postgame show, bob and mitch were advocating for Brown as this years m.o.p. in Bomber colors. I would have to agree with that. Watching Brown do his swim moves, ripping through the oppostions backfield, all but walking on fire with his bare feet. . . really is fun to watch happening. Through Brown's experience, it's hard not to double team the guy, but with Jarome Haywood, Brown has been a force on the D-line this season.

If the Bombers even get to Montreal in the post-season, 2001 might be avenged with Brown having been part of it. He's come this far.

bombers have the 2nd best d-line in the league next to wake and johnson in BC. its hard to double team anyone on the line. its like doug browns the panzer tank. huge and will kill anything, and haywood is a sherman, small but tough.

the d-line to me has had a poor pass rush to start the season but have been coming on strong. and kai ellis has been playing fine football.