Doug Brown retirement announcement

The Bombers have indicated there is a press conference Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 which will have a major announcement. It’s expected that Doug Brown will officially announce his retirement.

I wish him the best. Definitely one of the all-time great Bombers.

Couldn't agree more. Terrific player, class act, a great guy to meet in person.

Winnipeg has an envious tradition of having real class acts .. Ithink of Kenny Ploen, Milt Stegall, Doug Brown. . . it's an impressive list.

Enjoy your retirement Doug Brown and thanks for the many years of entertainment watching you play.
Other class acts; Greg Battle :thup: comes to mind and memories of my first Grey Cup Live - 1990 at B.C. Place vs Edmonton

Thanks Doug.

.....Seeing as we're droppin a few names on the ' well liked,talented and held in high esteem list' how about Joe Poplawski and Dr. Ken Neilsen :thup: ...We definitely have some quality guys living in the tenth most desirable city in the country to live...I can only wish Doug Brown the best in retirement and above all hope he remains with CFL football in some capacity... :thup: