Doug Brown Jersey

Hey, I am looking to get a Home style Doug Brown Jersey and i was just wondering from some of you guys where the best place to go online. Is there anywhere better then lets say the Bomber shop or CFL shop?

Buy from the Bomber Store so the proceeds go to the Bombers. Plus they have a bunch of DB jerseys already made up (pro stitch and replica) so there's no waiting. And on the off chance there's a problem they are excellent to deal with. They should be able to ship it to you within a day or two. I think the gold jerseys are still on sale if you want a gold one instead of a blue. They also might have a few retro DB jerseys made up already too.

I've bought a custom jersey from them online before and had no problems. I've ordered online from them about 4 times and have never had a problem. Even got my latest order delivered today.

The only possible downside to shopping online at the Bomber Store is when you see all the other really great stuff they have and want to buy it all. :lol:

Ordered mine today! Sad when he does leave one of my all time favs....

So i guess we might as well get him a ring!!!

Speaking of the Bomber Store, from what I've heard season tickets aren't the only thing there has been a run on since the NHL announcement. Apparently the store has been doing incredible business as well. It seems it could be a very financially successful season for the Blue & Gold. :rockin: