Doug Berry's Farewell Dinner

It's been a slice, but Doug Berry's tenure as head coach is done, as far as I'm concerned. As a head coach, he's a great assistant. His inability to effectively utilize the skilled players and units at his disposal led to a selfish display of frustration and finger pointing early last week.

Doug Berry rose to his level of incompetence in last year's Grey Cup. The defeats orchestrated by his lack of leadership this season and his subsequent efforts to deflect blame illustrate that while he did his best, he is not CFL head coach material.

For Doug Berry's deeds, he deserves a farewell dinner.


If this loss served Berry his last game as bomber coach, i doubt he'll be here to last 2 more losses. Greg Marshall will predicatbly be HC by seasons end.

To promote him for no good reason but to fill a void is the same mistake we've made twice already. Marshall's record in Hamilton wasn't inspiring & he hasn't earned the head coaching job here.

I'd like to see Marshall and Taman put their heads together and sew up that secondary--it's like a piece of swiss cheese--too soft and full of holes.

Let Bauer come down from the board room like Joe Popp did in Montreal; it's Bauer's void to fill. If Bauer lets this season go down the toilet, it's his head on the chopping block when new ownership takes over.

....there'll be a few changes made (some by necessity because of injury now) before Berry, Taman or Bauers heads are on a pike But IF THIS SHIP DOESN'T RIGHT ITSELF BY MID-SEASON...the guys at the top better start squirming.. :thdn:

wrong Marshall.

I think your Greg Marshall would make a fine head coach. I know the D has been porous all season long, but let’s not forget you lost two of your top players in Hebert (NFL) and Bolden (cap casualty).

Thanks for that. There's at least 3 greg marshalls in google who are professional coaches. I wondered why the face didn't match my memeory of him in hamilton. Still, don' think marshal should move up until the secondary is solid. Putting more on his plate is asking for complete team failure including the defense.

Berry needs to immediately take over the play calling on offense from this Cartwright clown. As someone said, he is a Bellefool clone.

I'll wait to the mid point of the season before calling for Berrys head. If the team has 3 wins by then, he keeps his job at least until the end of the season.

If Kit Cartwright is fired, it really will be deja vu of the year Joe PaoPao took the hit for Jeff Reinbold. I'm still hoping to get tickets to see the Dave Berry retirement dinner.

I tried to find video of Joe PaoPao crying like a baby when he was persuaded to resign--I'm still hopeful I can dig some up-it still makes me laugh when I think about it. I hope this year doesn't turn into a laugher.

AS COACHES GO.....Paopao and Reinbold should have been gassed...not so with Cartwright and Berry....I believe Berry was carrying this guy...a big risk to himself ..cuz now he's painted himself into a cornor....IF the Bombers don't start performing to the level this team SHOULD be playing....Berry may find himself behind the eight ball...professional sports are a hard can't carry friends at the expense of a team....Berry beter hope he has some special offensive play-calling up his sleeve that works...or it may be game, set, point...We're gonna find out in a hurry if Doug has lost this team??????????? :roll:

After looking at Cartwright’s resume, I think we should keep him as a scout or promote him to replace Taman–he has an eye for talent but just doesn’t know how to use it. Read the link. … Itemid=132

As for Berry, his work as an offensive co-coordinator (what is that?) in Montreal may indicate a talent for building a potent offense. However, his inability to make halftime adjustments and assess player capability illustrate that he is not head coach material. Nor can Berry go back to being OC, at least not in Wpg. It would make things too awkward for his replacement and the team.

Nope. It looks like Dave Berry is doomed to get his appreciation dinner as illustrated in the link in the OP–Teamwork!!

Spidey, no offense, but when you keep referring to the head coach as 'Dave Berry' instead of 'Doug Berry', you're kind of undermining the legitimacy of your argument.

Seriously, Cartwright needs to be shipped back to the Pondarosa or wherever the heck the guy rode in from.

imo, if Berry doesn't win these next two games at home against the Als and TiCats, he won't be far behind and will likely be taking junior (McDiarmid) with him.

Greg Marshall will become the new head coach with the remaining staff elevated to the coordinator positions.

And before next year starts, Taman and Bauer should be cut adrift too.

A new broom needs to sweep clean.

You might be right, Pigseye. As for mixing up Doug and Dave Berry, that's a mental block. I keep mixing him up with that goof that writes for the Miami Herald.

Since the Bombers have tanked this year, I've done more research on this team than I have my entire life. Football's supposed to be a past time, not an autopsy for me to perform 3 games into a season.

Berry & Cartwright not only have lost us a Grey Cup, but they've taken my joy of football away. I will not rest until these two clods are replaced.

I still have no idea what Dinwiddie was doing in the Toronto game after the first quarter. You guys could easily have won that game if the coaches had gone to Glenn at least by halftime. It's tough to swallow when your defense doesn't allow a single TD and you still lose.

I honestly don't have a problem with either Dinwiddie or Glenn, but the coaches have to realize that they're not the same type of qb.

You don't put Dinwiddie in and ask him to complete short timing passes that were designed for Glenn's quick release. Result being Edwards broken ribs, Stegall not practicing this week.

Dinwiddie was allowed to play pitch and catch all night against Calgary just tossing them up for the receivers to go get. With his noodle arm, that's what he does best.

The blind man in the fifth row even saw that, but not our OC ?

I agree that the quick-passing game doesn't suit Dinwiddie at all. That being said, Toronto's D is older, smarter, and more experienced than Calgary's and as such is not going to let a rookie throw for 450 yards and go downfield at will. If Dinwiddie had tried to force the ball downfield, the result would have been INTs.

Dinwiddie should have come out after the first quarter, during which he was completely ineffective. The key to beating Toronto is being patient, taking what the defense gives you, executing a ball-control offense efficiently, and running the ball against their 3-4 front. With Roberts unable to get going, it was even more important for the Bombers to put together longer, more sustained drives utilizing the short passing game. Glenn could have done it. Dinwiddie can't, and it was unfair to expect him to torch Toronto the same way he did to Calgary, whose D is younger, more inexperienced, and often in man coverage because Chris Jones is an aggressive playcaller.

Dinwiddie's pop-gun arm is a good 2nd string. We need Mr. 6000 yards, Kevin Glenn back. mean the statue who stands in the back-field waiting to get sacked or throws the ball to the thanx...Glenn should come in ONLY if the 'Dinner' IS TOTALLY blowing it...Then bring in Mr. Imobility to mop- up and pray we get something out of him for the dough we're paying ... :wink:

spidey, why do you keep saying that Glenn passed for 6000 yards last year? He passed for something like 5100 yards, not 6000. Passing for 6000 yards is a rare feat that only a handful of quarterbacks in the CFL have accomplished.