Doug Berry to replace Miller?

Doug Berry seems to have done a nice job adapting himself to an offense that worked just fine before he showed up. Given that Ken Miller may be retiring soon and given that Miller brings with him a coaching style that causes players to want to play for him, do you think Berry could adapt in this way as well if he potentially might replace Miller? :cowboy:

give him a good team with talent, i'm sure he can take it far.

I would want somebody from the inside to take over instead of trying to pull in some guy who doesn't know the system.

The thing is, you've got 3 assistant coaches who have been head coaches previously, in Berry, Etcheverry, and Daley.

All three however have been far more successful in their roles as coordinators than they have been as head coaches.

Of the three, I'd suspect Berry to be the better bet. . . he did, after all, get his team to a Grey Cup as a head coach, and only lost it because he had to use a raw QB given that his starter broke his arm in the East final, which is hardly his fault. Etcheverry and Daley, on the other hand, were considered failures as head coaches.

I don't remember Jim Dayley being a successful coach - assistant or head. He didn't show too much in Edmonton as the DC and He's definitely a downgrade for Kavis Reed as STC. I think he would be well advised to retire if he makes it through this season without being let go.

As to Doug Berry as a Miller replacement - I think it's too early to start speculation on that front.

He had a pretty decent record, as I recall, when he was DC in Winnipeg. . . but then, when he took over as HC after Ritchie was let go, not so much. . . same as DC in Edmonton last season. . . I suspect he might be past his 'best before' date.

Etcheverry was never any good as a HC, ditto for Daley. Berry, on the other hand, took Winnipeg to the 2007 Grey Cup game and might even have won had his starting QB not gotten injured in the division final that year. While I believe that talk of anointing Miller's successor is premature at this time, if you put a gun to my head and made me choose one of his assistants to take over, I'd pick Berry.

Berry is too young.

Does every coach have to be 70 years old? He has experiance as an O-Coordinator and we can rely on Etch for Defence,

Uh, I’m not sure I’m comfortable handing over the keys to some kid.

Daley was the D-Coordinator for the Riders back in the day of the 90's. he did a fine job, it was when he went to HC that the team failed and eventually he was let go.

:lol: :lol:

For a second there I actually thought you were serious. Nicely done.

wow Berry sure looks OLD for being 26.. hahahahaha


I'm really not sure any of our current assistants are great candidates to be head coaches. Berry was a half decent HC with the Bombers, but I truly hope we keep Etch and Daley out of the discussion.