Doug Berry to call plays

What do you guys think?? Improvement?? I think so. What does this say to Mike Miller??

Probably, "See ya later" and all the provibiable "Thanks for all your contributions to our organization while you were here and all the best in the future............................."

Well I suppose it could be, 'Mark, sit back and watch how it is done for a game or 2 so you can see how things work up here.'

But it's probably, 'We can't afford to lose any more games so Doug's our guy the rest of the way.'

Mike Miller will stay on as the QB coach and will work with Doug to design plays and develop the offense but Doug will call the shots. Right now the situation is fluid and it will be evaluated after every game. The team would like Mike to stay, they see a lot of potential they just don't want any on the job training like is the case for Crowton.

Doug Berry is an excellent OC but its not going to be an overnight thing. The team basically wasted training camp.

Doug Berry did a horrible job in Regina. Don't be surprised if they continue to lose.

Doug Berry, has been an OC for 3 different teams where 3 different QB's passed for over 5000 yards, 6000 yards even in Calvlillo's case and he did a fine job with Durant (His best season as a pro). Was not Berry's fault that Miller meddled with the on field business on Saskatchewan. His teams have gone to the GC in his 3 stops Montreal, Winnipeg and Saskatchewan.

They might continue to lose but that's not on Doug. He was hired on the cheap as a consultant and is now being asked to pickup the mess.

Right on. Berry's had success wherever he's gone, and he'll do the best he can to clean things up in Montreal. Having him overseeing the offense doesn't guarantee results, but it puts us on the right track even if we continue to lose games.

The other big change is the tempo of practice. If any of you guys are curious, read some of the Montreal news pieces in the wake of the Hawkins firing. It wasn't just the playbook; Hawkins could not run a pro practice effectively. Huge amounts of time wasted, little emphasis on one-on-one drills, the offensive game plan was presented late in the prep week, and overall, fewer reps and less time to install new plays / packages. It was just a gong show. So just having Popp take over and run an uptempo practice will make some difference in the short term.

Totally agree. I loved it when he was the OC for us!

Not to keep jumping on you, but Doug Berry did a pretty good job here in 2010, but in 2011 he did not have the horses to put in a good offence (mainly the o-line was old and/or crappy) plus he had Greg Marshall as his Head coach and that really didn’t help.
I’m guessing Mtl will do much better under Berry than Miller, however I do think Mtl may be in the same position as the 2011 Riders, especially along the o-line.

Actually, our O-line's fine. We had a brutal start to the year, but a lot of that was the playbook and Flory finally playing his age (sad truth is the line has performed substantially better since he went down with injury). Bomben and Ola are playing well at guard, and Matte looked good in spot relief of Josh Bourke. And with Berry at the helm, the ball should be getting out of Calvillo's hands a lot quicker now.

I forgot Flory went down with injury, I agree that that would help, as unfortunately he is just not the calibre of player that he once was, ala Gene Makowsky in 2011.

Scott Flory is going to make a phenomenal coach in Montreal I think.

Agreed. Scott had a great run, but his play at the start of the year was awful. Age finally caught up to him. But as Hfx said, I think he'd make a helluva O-line coach. I hope we can find a place for him in the organization.

Agree. Doug did his job in Regina. :thup: He and Marshall were scapegoats. There was nothing wrong with the playbook. It was personnel. Defense and ST were a joke. The only things wrong with the offense were the injuries and the dropped passes.

I was not a fan of Berry as HC in Winnipeg, but he can run my offense any time. No one in Regina cmplained about the 2010 offense.

well certainly Durant did,,,

In 2010?

I think not.

Judging from tonight's game, this team needs more than a new play caller, the Als are in an absolute mess on all facets of football!!

Brutal, brutal special teams tonight by the Als.

Will Doug Berry get to bench Calvillo? Would Popp dare bench him or would he fire himself first and have someone else do it?

I wasn't a complete turnaround by the Als after they canned Hawkins but I didn't expect this either.

Argos sending a message here:
Alouettes are the past. The argos are the present beasts of the east.