Doug Berry - Is he any good?

The Riders have a wealth of experienced coaches working under Head Coach Ken Miller. Berry, Daley, and Etcheverry will all be candidates to replace Miller when he steps down next year.

In the meantime, how do you think Doug Berry will do as an Offensive Coordinator?

He did a pretty good job when he held that role in Montreal. . .

Interestingly, while all three of the ones you mention have had good to very good success as coordinators, all three of them were less than succesful as head coaches.

Etcheverry's defences are always extremely entertaining to watch; but when the Argos promoted him to head coach a few years ago he didn't last very long before Pinball had to show him the door. Berry's offence in Montreal was a juggernaut, but as the head man in Winnipeg he didn't fare too well (although certainly better than the guy who replaced him; about whom the less said the better). Daley has run good defences in years past; as a head coach, he was less successful, and last season back as a defensive coordinator he was again not very successful, but he's in a different role this season in charge of special teams, so we'll have to wait and see.

He defiantly wears his emotions on his sleeve. I am not sure if that's a good thing...but it is fun to watch.

Doug Berry will run a tight ship as OC.

It's the unbridled emotion that he would bring as HC that gets me nervous.

I agree, watching him on the Bomber sidelines was great TV,but here as a HC.........gulp.

There is no question that by Mike Kelly's big mouth let out that Bauer had given him the job as early as spring of 2008, my guess is it got back to Berry who is a respected coach in the CFL and it just drove him nuts. He knew his only chance to "massage" Bauer was going to win a GC and he went for brokes. I think you got an upgrade.

in montreal berry had calvillo... in wpg he had glenn. thats the difference right there. if durant shows he can be more like calvillo then glenn, riders should be fine, if not...all bets are off.

Very valid point.

Reminds me of when Winnipeg hired Mark Nelson as DC last season. . . his quote was, as best as I can recall, "I coach good players a lot better than I coach bad players."

Berry took a 5 - 13 club to the GC in 2 years, with Kevin Glenn as his QB.

You could do a lot worse at the OC position than him.

i think you're like a fat chick at a milkshake shop man, just reachin for straws here.

CONSPIRACY theories are rated G.... AY!! for sure.

berry takes lapos job in sask.. miller is still head coach.. who took baressis job? cuz that might be the more telling of the 2.

will durant be as good without baressi and lapolice there? we shall see. SOON. but not soon enough.. C'MON ALREADY.. IS IT JULY 1ST?

Crandell is an offensive assistant I don't know whether he has the QB coach title or not. Anyway, methinks Durant's development will continue just fine. Seeing how curious you are, I would be more interested in how Baressi serves as an OC, given the disaster that he ran in Hamilton at that position.

baressi isnt the oc tho, he's just the guy that will be sending the calls in, lapos the oc but baressi is his right hand man..

just cuz he has the title of oc.. doesnt mean he is.. its lapo's offense, lapo will be calling the plays.. baressi will just be sending them in.

seriously like listen to a press conference or something b4 spouting off on things.

So Baressi's just a lapdog then - a man with a title and little responsibility? Interesting.

Oh, and the record of coaches who serve as both HC and a coordinator? Not great. Think Mike Kelly, Matt Dunigan....eek. Good luck to ya.

And thanks for your concern about my knowledge base, but I'm just fine.

Problem for the Bombers is that is the exact same situation as last year. It was Millers offense with Lapolice a mere figurehead OC. Yet all they talk about is how great they will be because of Lapolice great offense in Sask. Serious dude, read some papers from last August when the Riders scored 0 3rd quarter points for 7 or 8 games before Miller took a more active role in the offense and play calling, with the first 2 games under that arrangement a 90 some point thrashing of the vaunted Bomber defense.

So far so good…

shudder "The Riders are pleased to announce that Daley will be taking over as head coach." shudder

I don't think any of our assistants currently would make great head coaches. I wouldn't really want Berry, Daley, or Etch's as a head coach.

Daley would probably be the worst choice. As a head coach his record is about as bad as you can get. 28w-52l. Is it any wonder why our special teams are hurting this year? Look who's the special teams coordinator. Of all the changes from last year to this year, he is by far our worst acquisition.

Everyone has sto be impressed by Berry's cahoonas.
Great aggressive play calling.

Daley, on the other hand.........
Up 24% on the smell-o-meter.

is kavis reed still around?? i know most you people wouldnt like it, but i think he's an improvement from daley. - and doug berry has done very well thus far! i think he'd be great to keep at OC as theres not tooo much to worry about and he gets monitord by the HC - miller is doing a top dog top notch job...

daley needs some work on his part though, comon ... all 3 facits!

Reed is the defensive co-ordinator for Wpg.