Doug Berry Canned?

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There is a 1pm CT press conference scheduled where Berry is expected to be fired. Hopefully, we will have a new coach and QB for next year.

...according to the Wpg. Free Press ..Doug Berry has been fired as coach of the Bombers....Official announcement at 1 pm ...

Surprised a little....but not totally floored.... <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Wow, I knew all wasn't well in Bomber land but didn't realize this would happen. As far as qb's go, I heard Bishop is available. :lol:

...sorry guys ...might as well merge my Doug Berry fired with this one....I would expect Greg Marshal will get the reins....or rumour has it another asst. coach on a team, still in the play-offs will get the nod.... :roll:

he had his team in the grey cup last year...

It didn't help the Glenn did not have a great season, but alot of the play calling this year was very questionable. Sorry to say but I won't shed a tear by this decision.

...i guess we're not fooling around anymore....much like the way Riders handled Bishop....cruel world is football either perform....or GOODBYE... :wink:

No more messing around!! This is just the start. I liked Berry but being to aggressive with the players isn't the way to achieve positive results. Bauer and Taman found their scapegoat to save their own backsides! This team has a few more big changes coming up. Glenn should be next along with a few more assistant coaches.
I wouldn't be to quick to promote Marshall. I'd consider many other potential candidates first.

I'm a little surprised... though I can't say I didn't see it coming. You guys appeared to be pretty disgruntled in the Bombers board. Any names for replacements yet...?

Berry made some good moves with the team, but he stepped on too many toes in the process. That rift between players and coaches was just too wide to cross. He really does come across as a knob in most interviews.

Looks like the Argos just found a new coach! He's a decent coach. He would have a Grey Cup ring if Glenn didn't break his arm in the 2007 Eastern Final.

I dunno about that.

Argos should not hire this guy. He's a lot like Mike Kennon, he'll find a few players put them in the dog house and ride the team into the ground slowly breaking it apart and fracturing it.

...Ritchie Halls number in Regina will be burning up from what i hear......and there'll be a few applications from other teams i would imagine....the name Kelly keeps coming up.....we'll see... :roll:

finally!! now one more to go which would be Glenn, Hall will for sure be interviewed but i expect marshall to get the job, berry will be an assitant somewhere but not a head coach

We'll give you guys Danny M. and Rick Campbell free of charge. :smiley:

...canned like tuna....adios...Fan960 was interviewing a reporter from the Freepress (didn't catch his name) and this guy pointed to a few instances during the year that might have led to Berry's downfall:

a) The feud with Westwood. Love him or hate him Westwood had inside info that Berry had early on lost the team, and Doug took it personally when he shouldn't have. Upper mgmt looked at that as weak.
b) One of the early losses in Montreal rumour was that some players broke curfew and stayed out late and Berry did nothing about it. Again, upper mgmt not impressed.
c) Berry took it upon himself apparently to tweak the offensive arrangements before the regular season. This could be a very good reason why Glenn looked so bad in the first four games before being replaced. Glenn was the freaking MOP last year, and then instantly not, so this could be very true.

Can anyone say Matt Dunigan. He has put in his resignation with TSN and my bet is that he has a coaching job. Now Richie Hall has been rumored for the TO job but Matt could be headed for Bomberland.


Matt needs to be an assistant somewhere if he wants to coach, he’s not head coach material yet needs to be on the sidelines for a few years first, that would be a big mistake if the Bombers did this, I don’t think they are that dumb, but then again??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Alot of people don't care for Dunigan, I'am not one of them. I always admired his tenacity and hard work. In Calgary he was over his head and no doubt he learnt many valuable leasons. A Qb coach or offensive coordinater would be very suitable for him. A head coach? I guess if it were to happen we'd all find out! I'd like to see him have the opportunity in the Peg as long as that is the only hat he's allowed to wear at least for now.
You could very well be correct Riderfan23. I believe his name will be coming up more and more all the time and if it's not the Peg then I can see him coaching somewhere and probably getting hired shortly. Is Winnipeg that dumb?? They seem to hit and miss just like alot of other teams. Remember Jeff Reinebold? Then Dave Ritchie who was good. You just never know!!