Doug Berry Blew It

By not challenging the James Johnson INT which resulted in a Rider TD. According to Rider fans (I haven't seen the replay yet) Johnson didn't catch his first pick, which he returned for a TD. Biggest game of the year, and possibly the biggest play of the game, and Berry blew it.

He clearly caught it

There are a million what ifs and should have done's and if only s. If the play would have been even borderline controversial it would have been front page news all over the country. No, this is the off season and fans have all the time in the world on there hands to dissect every possible what if in hopes of lessening the final results.
It was a catch, and folks are getting ready for next season :slight_smile:

Clearly, hey ro, your bias is showing again. :roll:

Oh well... its done.

RIDERS IN 07,08, 09 and beyond!!!

An accusation of bias from a Bomber fan?
Why would I be biased??? My team was not playing
Oh thats right!
I hate the bombers
and the lions
and the stamps
and argos
and the riders…


I see his arm under the ball!

Guys when it is THAT close the call really can go either way. Tough luck Bombers, but you didn't lose on this one play, you lost it throughout the entire game.

ok this coming from a bomber fan last time i checked it was dec. 7 and the grey cup was nov. 25. stop crying already, our team got outplayed and lost. pick or not no challange was made the plat resulted ina ssk touchdown.

I know has a bomber fan i am a heck of alot ore concerned about our free agents and the number crunching we have to do over a game that is already over.

Was it a catch?

Doesn't matter cause it wasn't appealed.

Should Berry have thrown the flag?


That being said, nobody can say the play effected the outcome. The only matter up for debate is whether or not Berry should have thrown the flag and it is clear that the catch was questionable. The other matter is somebody in the Winnipeg booth should have caught this, to blame Berry solely doesn't tell the full story.

also folks have to remember the most important thing. In order to over turn the call on the field the replay MUST be conclusive. I am sure the bombers coach was on the mike to his replay folks asking them to quickly tell him if there was any hope of overturning the on field call. Any replays I have seen favor the reciever ( the rider defensemen ) so nothing would have permited the on field call to be over turned.

Once the call is made it is not up to anyone to prove it happend - it is up to the replays to prove it didn't.

So although I am not a bomber fan - I wouldn't blame the Bombers coach - he probably was all over this and it was his own team officials that would have correctly advised him that the replays would not over turn this - he was wise to safe his challenge in this case

....I don't know why Berry didn't challenge that pick ???? the players who were around the ball should have relayed the non-catch to the bench....UNLESS was too difficult to tell ...The recent replays sure confirm there was definitely cause to throw a flag...To say the Bombers lost the game because of this one play can be debated...In any case the game is done ...everyone has to move on...In the final analysis the Bombers had troubles with 'challenging' all year....something Berry will have to look at in 08...In addition, one other fact bothered me in the game... the review, of the placement of the ball, on Josephs third down attempt was carried out by the officiating in a conclusive manner...and yet a debatable call for a td. seemed to go unnoticed...'could be' one of the reasons Mr. Black was finally told to clean out his desk....Too many inconsistencies...?????.... :wink:

Didn't look at it before. Sure looks like the ground helped him corral it. That sai, it IS over. Berry should have challenged. He wouldn't have won but he should have challenged.

I agree the ball was out!

You know, from the Youtube peice, that probably did deserve a challenge flag, but I do not think it would have been overturned. Mind you I still think that the fumble that lead to the interception might not have been a fumble as it looked to me that his knee was down when the ball came out.

As others have said, this one play did not decide the game. Lots of plays lead to a victory or a loss.

I never saw that replay before, but based on that angle, I think it would have been overturned.

That said, it was the responsibility of the Bombers to challenge it, and they didn't, so you can't blame the officials. Replay was instituted because on-field officials can't be 100% on plays like this.

Considering the outcome of that play, there should have been a challenge flag thrown. A close call like that that results in a touchdown for the other team should always be challenged.

(Ro, the frame you showed occurred AFTER the ball bounced up into his grasp.)

Berry was penalized for the challenge flag after the Rider challenge of the spot. The rule says you can't challenge the play again, but he was challenging where the line of scrimmage was and where the officials measured to the first down. For some reason the line of scrimmage went from inside the yard line to on it when they measured for the first down. Question then, does Berry have the right to challenge where the line of scrimmage was ? I don't know, but if he does, then the officials F'd up on that call.

Agree with BigDave on this. As a Rider fan I think this would have been overturned had Berry threw the challenge flag. The refs were not in a position to see that it was not a pick.

I was at the game but for those at home did the commentators talk about this and did the replays on tv show (right after the td) that it was not a catch. I'm never been in the coaches box but I'm wondering if they see the replays as us at home or have more control over the video.

I, for one, did not hear the commentators say it wasnt a pick. I disagree that the ball hit the ground, I think you see his arm drag along the ground, not the ball.

I said this in another thread, but to me, he had control of the ball, so wether the point of the football hits the ground is irrelevant. To me , if that pick was to be nullified, you would clearly have to see two things 1) he clearly dropped the ball and it is on the turf and 2) it has to be shown that he did not have control of the football.

I watched at home & I do not remember the commentators saying anything about it not being a catch. The replays? ha I was too excited to even think it wasn't a catch.
Once again I don't remember anyone commenting at the time that it might not have been a catch.

Judging by the youtube replay I still think it was a catch. But I will also say that I may not be the keenest person on CFL rules.

IMO he had control of the ball, it touched the ground as he rolled over, at least it looks that way, but he still had it in his hands. He never lost the ball, the ball was never at any point laying on the ground, which suggests to me that he did have control.

Of course it is I with the green glasses on that sees it this way.

Either way I don't think the replay was conclusive enough to overturn the TD. (I'll bet we've all been wrong on that one at least once.)

Just some of my thoughts.

Piggy how many times have I told you not to rile up the Rider fans. You can have all the proof in the world and they will come up with excuses. So voice your opinion debate it but expect nothing back. Both plays are probably the reason George blind as a bat Black was given the apple and the road map.