Doug Berry? Anyone home?

WOW did this guy ever blow it! Worst coach of the year award goes to....

Doug Berry! Good Job Berry!!

Banks! It's the last play of the game. You're in!


Well, now Suitor and Cuthbert are saying that Quinn may have audibled at the line, and hence got himself pulled ...

Crazy end to the game ... fumble, pick, pick ...

does anyone have any doubt that winnipeg IS infact better than edmonton?...

imagine this game with stegall and glenn in the lineup...its a bomber win fursure.

so i correctly ranked the bombers ahead of the eskies in last weeks PR's.

He wouldn't have been yanked for calling the play that the coach called.

He must have audibled.

Funny comment coming from a 3 and 6 team with Machoka at the helm.

Yeah, I’m not too impressed with how that game ended but still.

It's true though, how do you 'forget' about Roberts? Great catch by that argo to win it tho.

That you did.

Bombers fan show class, boo team off the field. Worst fair weather fans in the league.

What was the final score?

Buddy, it's not about the Esks tonight. It's about the Bombers 3 game losing streak. I predict it will continue to 8 games.

I've said it before, the highlight of the Bombers season this year will be the wins against the Esks.

Since those wins they have yet to beat a team not decimated by injuries.


18-15 I believe.

EDIT: Damn I got beat to it.

And DG.. until we see the Esks play Sask, you shouldn't make that comment. You never know what might happen.

Oh yeah, I forgot that the Bombers beat your Eskies twice already this season. Thanks for reminding me. :smiley:

I'll remind you of this too...
Bombers losing streak continues to 3 games.

Riders are going to OWN the Bummers!

It's going to be funny when the Esks cross over to the East to bump the Bombers out of the playoffs. HAHAHAHAHAHAH

eskies- losers in 4 or thier past 5...HAHAHA

bombers- 5 wins
eskies- 3

As a Rider fan I am looking forward to having our third string QB start the game tomorrow. Rocky could have chewed up that Argos D. They ywere playing a basic 3-4 and sometimes nickle, and Quinn was not picking anything up. Bombers need help, ouch that was the least disciplined game in CFL history. Back to basics boys, Argos weren't looking to good themselves.

Riders should have no problems rolling over the Bombers. As much as I'd like the Riders to lose, everything is pointing in their favor right now.

What's even funnier is how Bomber fans think their team is good because they've beaten Hamilton, a decimated TO team and the last place Esks. LOL

Face a real team and they get crushed.

I see, so that's the only way that your Esks are going to make the playoffs this year then? You mean your :roll: powerhouse team :roll: won't even be able to beat out the lousy Riders for 3rd in your division??? :oops:

I guess it's too bad we don't get the play the Esks a couple more times this year so we can get back onto a winning streak again. 8)