Doug Barry

Like some others, this is my 1st time viewing this site. The hype and excitement leading up to tonite's bomber game was once again dashed because of once again glenn breaking a nail The lack of team leadership and basing the teams success for the evening on 1 player s-u-c-k-s. The only thing worse then Glenn going down was the very unprofessional way Doug Barry was caught on tape screaming at Ryan Dinwiddie!!!! It is intolerable the way he treats the media and players at times. The only satisfaction I would have had was if someone s-u-c-k-e-r punched Barry. It all comes down to team leadership and gawd help the bombers if Barry is going to the the mastermind leading this team :thdn:

My heart bleeds for Milt :frowning:

A Coach yelled at a player? NO WAY!!! WHEN DOES THAT EVER HAPPEN!!!

...and his name is Berry....not Barry....every coach has his own way of handling players.....i'm sure a lot of that particular incident came out of frustration.....frustrated that this team is saddled with a huge deficiency at the main position of our team....QUARTERBACK...I like Kevin Glenn...he's a great back-up...close to being a starter....i've said many times the guy is just injury prone and that,' more than anything, is going to cost him his no.1 job.....He's relatively young...but gets injured too easily....he's going to have to move over next year or move on...This team is too good to have NO-ONE you can depend on at the very important position...If we go out against the Argos next will be because we were very light at the quarterback position this year....that's the way i see it... :cry: ..what a let-down...

It's been a tough season. The coach blew up at Dinwiddie, and he shouldn't have. Now can we block for Westwood when he punts and get Kevin and Brown back for the playoffs? Let's suck it up and do what it takes to win. BLUE ALL THE WAY!!!

Berry had every right to blow up at Dinwiddie. He was a joke out there. Kevin Glenn is still a second-string quarterback and apparently made out of glass, but he is much, much better than our backups. I can't believe how BC can play their second, third and probably their fourth string QBs and still compete with anyone, while in Winnipeg there is such a drop-off when we have to replace our starter. Maybe Berry should be yelling at the general manager or perhaps the quarterback coach - neither of whom are doing their jobs!

harsh wordss. forst off i enjoy the fact that berry gets in the faces of players, when a coach ripeed my head ofof or tore me down i had a sence of passion to show him up the next chance i got. Dinwiddie plaed weak the entire tie he was in. and I love the way berry treats the media. I am glad to see we have a coach more interested in winning a game instead of winning the hearts of of people. As for BC well there was a thread on the cfl alk page that was about how great the system is. they have a great system that all their quaterbacks fit into. Not so much out here. tough way to end the CFl regular season and I hope the Blue and Gold play with passion and pride next week or the argos will eat us alive.

I don't blame Berry for blowing up. With a possible Home playoff date on the line, the Bombers looked like they really weren't ready to play. I was expecting to see a hungry, fired up team, but it didn't happen. Korey Banks was a "blanket" all over Stegall. I'm pretty sure I saw Banks follow Stegall onto the Team bus after the game! :wink:

Don't be so hard on Glenn. I saw the TV clip that night, and he got rolled up pretty good on that ankle.

Berry better light a fire under his team if he wants any chance against the Argo's. And while I'm not a Kevin Glenn, fan, right now he is your best chance of advancing, so you better hope his ankle recovers fast!

Ok, I am taking some heat about my reaction to BERRY. If BERRY was so interested in winning why does he make the same bad coaching decisions? It was Dinwiddie's 1st game as a starter in CFL, he was not the one calling the plays. Should not he have been told to go for the "sure thing" passes till he had a feel for his offense, instead of airing it out for interceptions all the time? You build confidence that way, not by humiliating. BERRY never bellowed at Westwood for missing, nor at Banks for his interceptions. I think the 1 should have been a field goal attempt anyway, but once again a poor judgement call for coaching staff. Even the media is not impressed with BERRY, his thoughtful reply to interview at halftime when asked about what he liked from his team's showing againest the ticats answer of "nothing" once again proves my point. Ohhh and 1 more thing, in response to sportsman's comment about blanket lol :wink:

Um, the plays may be called in from the bench, but they're not set in stone. The QB often has to check down his list of reads when the primary play isn't available. So it's fallacious to assume that any play Dinwiddie ran was by design or the primary play of the coaching staff.

...this kid is a he got ripped on the side-lines....i;ve seen a helluva lot worse...When the plays from the bench are sent in...and the qb. at the time totally disregards it....and then the ball ends up in a dbs. hands ...i would be po'd too......When you're a rook you better be able to handle the guff....cuz man it comes down from great heights when you goof...Its all part of the game gotta get a thick skin quick ...or hit the road....that's the game....and i know Dinwiddie will be back...he's a pro... :wink:

First of all your comment on Breaking A Nail was totally immature, Glenn had a sprained ankle, ever had one? he couldn't put weight on it.... and trust me even a mild sprain would keep any player out, it hurts like hell. Now you come on here and knock berry for blowing up on Dinwiddie, any coach in this league would've done thesame .... oh my god a coach yells at a player .... LOL... love that one .... it happens on every team in this league and players get yelled at, they are men, they can take it ... on the other hand you sound like a sissy.

We would like to see the BB'S at home one more time this year :wink:

YES go B&G. LOL. glenn will be back he seemed to be good on it at the airport when they talked to him and he says he will be playing. And iunno where everyone else came from but coaches yelling at players is football. Let's all wait and hope the blue and gold can make some noise and take home the eastern semi.

OK you almost had a point, you almost were capable of thinking for yourself, and then you say "even the media...". My friend the media is to report what happens, whether they are not impressed is irrelevant. I think when someone shows the restraint of not pointing fingers at every player on his team(even though he should have) and disregards the intrusion of some reporter without calling him an idiot and getting a league fine, that he's actually done pretty well. Maybe you should try that some time.

A SISSY!!! Do you walk standing up B&G or do your knuckles drag on the ground? Never once did I say anything about coaches yelling at players in locker room or sidelines, my point incase some of you keep missing it,,,, you don't do it on national tv!!! Amazing, how just 2 coaches in the CFL do it on tv and that is BERRY and Maciocia and we all know how well his team played for him this year. Barrett, Clements, Higgins, Wally B all are classy coaches. Hmmmm wonder where all their teams placed,,, each 1 handles their players with dignity. The worst I think Clemonts would do is forgo the hug. This little boy league demeaning someone on tv has only hit 2 coaches,,, anything else boys??? and billyj?? i watched him say it on tv, then was reported the next day in the paper.

oops,, and one more thing, about playing while injured and how painful "a sprained ankle is",,,, Maybe someone should talk to Dickenson and others that play with pain so they don't let their team down. Funny how when he came out of the dressing room he was all smiles and limp was a little more pronounced when he knew the cameras were on him. :thdn:

lol, i hate it when people say kevin is nothing but a good back up. common guys get real here, i cant believe this. first everyone says stats dont matter and he needs the wins, then hes winning with a 9-5 record, better then damon, better then maas, better then joseph, probly just as good as burris, in my books anywase. i truly am tired of this

...i guess 123 James it has a lot to do with reasoning for tagging Glenn with the 'good back-up' handle has a lot to do with experience and his durability as well....Kevin has been in this league for enough time to know when certain plays are high risk....yet he just seems to fall right into them....Here's an a recent game ...Bombers are on the oppositions fifteen...he decides to run up the middle for the end-zone...stops mid-play ......looks totally confused...then decides to throw the ball to Brazell ...who was very open...but cuz he's on the run...the ball sails over his head...he looks like he panics and blows it...Maybe in time he'll work these kind of situations out and settle down....This is just one example....I remember him throwing the game away on a few occasions...passes that should have never been thrown...As far as durability goes....just look what has happened recently...I know you're going to cite a few other qbs. who have gone down this year...but what i see is a fairly young Glenn...coming up lame....and i guy like Calvillo ...who isn't as young anymore...taking the same kind of pounding (especially this year)and he hasn't missed a game....So all-in-all, i would say we have a very good back-up (right now)...who is a little on the fragile side...just what i've seen...and my humble opinion... :expressionless:

Papazoola, you make good points, but doesn't every QB make those kinds of mistakes, especially this year when offenses are struggling in general? Ray's thrown some really questionable balls that have been taken back for TDs; Calvillo's forced the ball where it shouldn't have gone and paid for it; and Burris has been as horrible at certain times as he's been great at others. Perhaps Glenn doesn't have Burris's arm, Ray's accuracy, or Calvillo's experience, but I still think he's proven he deserves to start in this league.

...I'M CERTAINLY never going to ever write Kevin Glenn off as a Bomber that's for sure...I hope he does mature into the starter this club needs...It took Calvillo a long time to reach the level of play he excells at today.....maybe ...given enough time Glenn will surpass's hoping :thup:
and it sure would be nice if Kevin Glenn started his maturing process this Sunday in Toronto.... :rockin:

yes, yes it would.

but what people must realize is that its his second year as a starter. hes till developing, and look where hes at, 9-5. imagine what he will be like in the near future. hes in the play offs in his second year, now i see that as having a good young play off QB for a long time. ha ha dont get me wrong, it would be amazing if khari was still as good as he once was and was our starter, with us having Glenn as a back up and developing him under khari like that. i think we would have top two QB tandems in the league. but im happy with what we've got right now.

i think what u state as a starter (calvio, ray) are phenominal starters. Glenn is a good starter IMO