Doug and Darren Flutie?!?

If the Flutie bros. play in the CFL this year, where will they end up and what impact will they have?

I'd like to see them in Hamilton I think it would make the east alot more competitive. Doug still has the ability to tear up the league IMO, and the fans would love him. As for Darren I don't really see him being a threat to anyone, just a decoy for Yeast, Flick and Amerson.

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and have 150 years worth of QBs in hamilton, id like to see him go to ottawa, and help out banks and joseph, like he did in san diego, cuz lets face it, his payin career is over. someone i know tells me he might go to new england, his home town, to coach, seeing as they have lost a lotta coaches.

There's still a possibility they could both suit up again in the CFL. I think Doug could play a pretty good game but his bros. would probaly only be along for the ride. Would be a nice way to finish off your career though. Another question, would a team like Hamilton take that on. More likely Ottawa.......... but even more likely; the' Flake' guy will finish his career south of the border. :?: :?: :?:

I really don't think Ottawa has the money to get him though, he's asking for alot. The Toronto Sun has had some articles that have talked about how Bob Young (Hamilton) has shown alot of interest, but doesn't want to pay for Doug's contract all by himself; so he is trying to get Sponsors to help pay for him, which is definately interesting but it's hard to believe that he would be able to pull something like that off :wink:

nothing ever surprises me in this league...... and money unfortunately pretty well dictates everything..... you never know, somebody, could put together a deal. Ottawa would sure be JUMPING if the Flutie 'show' came to town.

It would be nice to see at least Doug come back to play...and with the venerable wizard that is Bob Young running things in Hamilton...who knows what can happen...
You thought near sell-outs were the norm in Hamilton last year, watch out what happens in Steeltown if Flutie(s) play for them!
I remember that when Flutie played in Buffalo, it was the norm for him to drive down to Ivor Wynne to watch Ti-Cat games.
This can only be a good thing for the CFL!

If they did play together it would be in either Hamilton or Toronto. I am sure their would be a war between the two ontario clubs to get a hold of the brothers. In the end I think they would come to Hamilton, though if any team could use some players to bring the fans in that would be Ottawa! Do I think the Flutie brothers will come back and play in the CFL no, but I would love it if they did.