Doubt decreases as ticat talent increases

With many great additions over the past few months I think everyone is really starting to fear what the ticats will become in 2009. And they should. With the additions of proven players such as: QB Kevin Glenn, DE Brandon Guillory, OL Alexandre Gauthier, OL Dan Goodspeed, LB Agustin Barrenachea, LB Otis Floyd, as well as many unproven players who likely have alot of talent as well. We've also unloaded the weights dragging us down ie. Casey Printers and Jesse Lumsden.

We won't know until the season starts. That said, the team should be better.

Edit: I also don't think you should under value the contributions of one J. Lumsden. That guy has won us a few games by himself over the years.

Yes but he also cost us twice as many as he won because we relied on him and he was injured. The days of relying on a sole player are over and Lumsden being gone exemplifies that.

Did I miss something? I heard that the Bombers were shopping Goodspeed around and that Obie was kicking the tires but I didn't hear that we actually got him. bad. I just saw the other threads.