Doubt Calls vs BC

Even though the game didn’t count for the playoffs, we deserved more than we got. With the score tied 0-0, when we were 3rd down on about on own 5 yard line, we should have conceded 2 points in the end zone. As though we didn’t care if we won the game, we punted the ball. With the return, BC ended up around our 30 yard line and shortly thereafter scored a touch down.
In the 3rd quarter, we were 3rd down and a few yards, but nicely within field goal range, 30+ yards. The score was close. Did we kick a field goal and make the players and fans feel good? No! We tried to get the 3rd down yards, as though we’re in the 4th quarter with time running out, and we didn’t make it. The ball was turned over to BC.
I’m fine with not fielding our best team. I’m very not fine with doubt calls being made for the team that was playing.
If the intent was to make Calgary think we don’t know what we’re doing, then I can understand.

I agreed with the kick and not giving up the Safety. I hate when teams give that up. You really only gain about 15 yards...I would rather give my D a chance to make a play than to tell them they are not good enough to hold them to 3 or I am fine with giving up 1 extra point on a FG vs a Safety.

the other play...The call was right...the play worked...he just fumbled. Calling that bad judgment on the coaching staff seems odd...the play worked. Would they do it in most games...likely not...they were trying a few plays and giving their future oponents a few things to think about....mind games...well done

I actually wish we would gamble on 3rd down more often than we do - I think this is an often neglected aspect of the game.
In the midfield or better position a gamble for 2 or 3 yards and maintaining possession is worth the effort. Given our punting woes at times this season the gambles would be a smart strategy I think. Developing plays that "work" in short yardage situations should be a priority on all teams.