Double Trouble: What Moore, Evans mean for the Riders

The Riders are ready to run it back.. but will need more than that.

When the Saskatchewan Roughriders finished their season in a frigid defeat to their bitter rival and eventual Grey Cup champion Winnipeg, I wondered how many 2021 Riders we’d see pull the ’S’ over their chest again in 2022.

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Now they need a QB that can throw them the ball.

It means they can no longer afford Duke Williams and he goes back home to Edmonton where it all began with MR CHRIS JONES

Why so much negativity when a team signs one of their own players?

The better all teams are, the better the CFL is. Give it a rest already.

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As usual this told me nothing I didn't already know. Hard to believe these people get paid.

How? They afforded all three last year

A little tidbit from the Shaq interview, courtesy the Sportscage. Reported today that Shaq said of Duke - I know he wants to hit free agency, no hard feelings there. Greenandwhite, affording all 3 last year doesn't mean they can afford them this year. His salary last year was $141K, prorated to 6 games. So he's looking at Lucky Whitehead money @ 200K, probably more, if he goes to the market. Keep in mind a team like Edmonton, for example, who's QB makes $340K vs $515K for Fajardo has a lot of room ($175K in this case) to spend on non-QB players. When you have right now the highest paid QB in the CFL until Collaros gets done, it limits you in other areas. If Shaq is right & Duke hits the market, the Riders will have to outbid a bunch of teams.
Also, some talk out there on the same show that Lawler might want to go to the West Coast. Important for the Riders & Bombers to get it done before free agency or the price will really go up.

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I'd imagine no price tags are going to go up substantially especially when vaxx passes and other restrictions drove attendance down across the league. Don't know which teams are going to be in position to financially afford significant increases in salary this year.

BTW for poster above, Duke Williams started in Edmonton the year after Jones and played under Jason Maas over there. He never played under Jones


Easier and Duke was only paid huge money for 5 games and the other two I’m guessing both got raises and there’s only so much cap space , my guess is that they could afford only 2 of the 3 and Duke probably said he is going back to Edmonton or elsewhere but I could be wrong

Conjecture and wishful thinking is seldom correct...just ask that one stamps fan that haunts every single Rider post.

I’m not a stamps fan either lol that would be worse than being a riders fan lol

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was referring to someone else, not your post. long live the cfl.

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I love the CFL


I'm well aware of that, Green, & had posted previously awhile back that Williams was a Maas guy. My comment regarding Edmonton is only in regard to CAP space as an "example" as stated. I mentioned a bunch of teams would be in the conversation & the Riders would likely have to up the ante. I think Jones is more likely to overspend on defence like a Ja'Gared Davis (example only). Rumour has it he isn't looking at Nationals @ DE meaning Boateng & Betts are likely heading East. I see Betts in Ottawa. Guys like Judge, Lacey maybe Henoc Muamba IMO are most likely targets for him IF, big IF, they hit free agency. Duke Williams, not so much.
BTW, considering the 50 free agents the Riders started with, IMO O'Day has done a very good job signing up the core group to date. I'm impressed. And I am on the record here & elsewhere that Duke would sign with the Riders. Could still happen before free agency. Chances slim if he's available IMO.

My guess is Kyran Moore is out for the first 6 games but we will see.

There are many big name recievers which may hit free agency. Burnham, Lawler, Duke Williams, Ellingson and Kamar Jorden are still not signed. I can see why Duke may want to leverage what other players are getting. Probably gets similar to Lawler but think he stays in Saskatchewan

Your right but I’d love him back in Edmonton where he started

Yup, 6 games or longer. Plus we’re saving cap space with Lenius now gone.
I think re-upping Williams will be easier than some think. Sounds like he wants to be back:

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