Double Rider Kick in the Crotch

So I was in the mall a few weeks back and they were selling Henry Burris Rider Jerseys for like 80% off. Well because I was a big Burris fan while he was a Rider and still am, I picked one up, why the hell not right?

Well after Calgary's slow start to the year alot of people jumped on the Nealon wagon which all along was a big joke.....and then after last nites game and incredible Burris clutch drives, what does every other Rider fan think about losing him now?? Calgary is climbing the ladder with an average team and the Riders with a supposedly fantastic team look like a bag of crap with a bag of crap at quarterback. I also think that coaching has ALOT to do with this because Tom Higgins seems to have a winning formula no matter what, while after 5 years of suckin slough water the Danny Barrett show is no more than a flash in the pan nite at the apollo.


You wasted your money.

I don't mind Burris at all - I've always thought he had a lot of potential and will develop into a great QB. That won't change no matter how many "Burris-Greene" threads we have here. . .

No I think spending more than 2 Sasky Cow Pucks on a Nealon Greene shirt would have been a waste of money. Everyone time Burris wins mine goes up in value. Way to go shivers.

Point taken...


Now hang on!!!......... Riders are # 3 in the league in total offence which tells me they(coaching staff and players) are doing something right. They have made key turnovers hurt them - they are close and have had several very key injuries. the Riders are a good team - have faith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riders Rule
Rider Pride rules!!

I will give Burris full credit for last night's game. He actually didn't make a mistake to lose the game as he usually does. If he continues to play like that, Stamps are gonna be good. I personally don't like Burris but I like the Stamps.

turkeybend…your a good man…and I’m a huge rider fan…but we have to call a spade a spade…prediction next game…Lions 143- Riders 2

I have to admit, I don't mind Burris, but watching him play with the stamps, I'm hoping he screws up and loses the game. I think I'm trying to convince myself that we are okay with Green and that losing Burris to Calgary wasn't such a big deal. Burris played a fantastic game last night :frowning: and congrats to them.

I will continue to cheer for the green & white no matter how much I feel like puking while watching them sometimes. Things can only get better :smiley:

and the ticats stats wise have a top 2 defense…what does that tell?